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Wells Fargo Bank / overdraft fee rip off

1 CA, United States Review updated:

First, let me say I made the mistake of overdrawing my account. There was one large check for over $4, ooo, then several small checks and debits which all cleared the same day. This bank works it out so the large check is debited first, depleting the account so all the other small charges rack up their $35 overdraft fee. What could have been one O.D. fee becomes $315 in O.D. fees assessed in one day! What a racket. How is this legal? It's two weeks before Christmas and I feel as if I have been mugged. I need a bail out.

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  • Co
      21st of Dec, 2008
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    as I see, your in california. There has a been a case brought up about this and is currently in the legal process as we speak.

    if your interrested this is documented on the wellsfargo website inside the "statements and documents" page, far right under "important documents"
    a choice quote from the description of the charges: "Plaintiffs also allege that Wells Fargo, when posting debit-card transactions on a day, re-sequences those transactions from highest to lowest and thereby increases the number of overdraft transactions. Plaintiffs allege that these practices violate California consumer protection and unfair business practices laws and constitute fraud, negligent misrepresentation, and conversion. The lawsuit seeks monetary and injunctive relief from Defendant."

    believe me, i've had over $1200 in overdraft fees since 2004 because if this exact thing. look at your statements and that is exactly what they are doing, re-orgranizing the charges from most to least so they get the highest number of overdraft fees possible.

  • Jo
      5th of Feb, 2009
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    something they call yoursavingsclub (877)820-7107 because of insuffient funds they took $1.00 and charged ne the $34.00 overdraft.
    I have my social security direct deposited on or before the 3rd. of month. Also have a VA benefit on the 1st. On three (3) occasions they docked me Overdraft 06/03/2008 07/02/2008

  • Jc
      25th of Mar, 2009
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    the same crap is happening here in odessa texas, i just checked my account and an item i purchased that was on there a couple days ago is now not there and is showing i got money in the bank but i don't and now i will be hit with an overdraft fee and i thought i had the money in the first place. I thought online banking would help me keep track of my spending but with what they are doing, i'm getting cheated. Work already is bad enough and money tight without them taking what little i have. Why doesn't texas have a lawsuit going too. They shouldn't get away with this.

  • Tr
      8th of Mar, 2010
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    Seems to me they must be very busy adding up all the fees and ways to collect more fees from their small account holders...this must be why they treat their customers so badly in their branch offices. Wells Fargo has obviously been on a big campaign to gain a large market share of our local Hispanic community, but once they have accounts the bad customer service begins. It is unbelievable to me the way they treat their customers who feel compelled to come into the branch for teller assistance. Their policy seems to be to keep only one window open for every fifteen or more customers in line and to completely ignore their merchant customers (assigning only one teller while all the other on duty tellers completely ignore the merchant customers) and then close windows for breaks and parties / meetings in the vault during peak hours. The employees aren't there to provide customer service, but to hide from their customers. Ladies and Gentlemen behind the aren't good at customer service...move on to another job! Don't take it out on us (the customers) we did not choose your career track.

    When I have complained, the teller calls over the teller supervisor du jour who then says they will tell the manager. I'm 100% sure the manager never hears about it and the sincerity of this interaction is non existent...they must hear the same complaint all day, but don't seem to be convinced they need to improve.

    Take your money to a local credit union. Wells Fargo, BofA, Chase...they are all exactly the same...use a credit union.

  • Be
      18th of Dec, 2010
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    Wellsfargo and any other banks are rip-off businesses. Banks operate depend on fees and sales. Wellsfargo loves profit from their un-experience customers and charged with ridiculous high fees over the minor errors . Wellfargo is very sneaky bank, they learn customer's spending behavior and using a hidden trick by giving extra spending available balance and later charged with devil's fee. Banks pretend to be perfect honest business, never admit its fault. You can't win, be smart a consumer, know your money well before spending it. There is no reason to give them money, unless you are rich!

  • Er
      8th of Jul, 2016
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    How to know if I am apart of the suit, my address has changed, and I no longer have a wells fargo account?

  • Er
      8th of Jul, 2016
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