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Wells Fargo Auto Finance / lease

1 Phoenix, United States

So I leased a car in 2007 from Wells Fargo Auto Finance. I lost my job 2 mos. later in 10/07. I made ON TIME full payments to Wells Fargo Auto Finance through February 2009 despite being unemployed and only working now and again at 10% of my former wage given the economy, etc. To make is simple.. we were former large earners for years who were significantly hurt in the 2007 recession forward and I was only able to find temp and contract employment at 10-20% of my former earnings. Despite that, I made payments to Wells Fargo Auto Finance without a hitch for nearly 20 mos. Finally, by 2/2010 we were 30 days delinquent and unable to continue paying for the car that was LEASED based on my former employer's monthly car allowance. Basically, we were done and we'd exhausted all of our financial resources, family, friends, 401k, housing equity, etc to pay our bills including the lease. Flash forward. 2/10/2010, WFAF calls me, asks for 1 pmt by eom. I say I can't, I tell them I'm done, baked, can't afford it further. WFAF rep responds by attacking me for being a lame businessman, a bad husbad, bad father, etc telling me I should not have entered into the agreement in 2007 if I could not pay for it. I told her, I'm sorry, but I lost my job nearly 2 years ago and have paid you religously since then but have run out of options and money. I said, Please come pick up the car, let's work something out and settle. She told me no way, she wants $ or nothing. I told her again, please come to ____ address and TAKE the car. She responded saying, I want $__ money and I don't want the car. I responded telling her I'd already had a call in the last week from the Wells Fargo REPO department confirming my address, and told her I'm more than happy to set up a time to VOLUNTARILY surrender the car to them. She did not want to hear any of that and proceeded to YELL at me that I need to re-examine my financial options and come up with a payment. So.. basically, I want to and am willing to SURRENDER the car and strike a settlement on the remaining balance due, but THEY want no part of this? What do I do next? File BK 7? Quit taking calls? Drive the car till it dissapears one night? I'm confused. I've offered to give it up and settle up.. what else can a man do in my situation???

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