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Complaints & Reviews

bad service

On July 26th of this year, I called the Wachovia Bank by my house to ask if they would cash the check I...

collateral insurance scam

Let me begin by stating I have been living a nightmare due to Wells Fargo Auto Finance harrassment. I have not been without auto insurance; however, they continue to charge me for collateral insurance on my auto loan.

It is truly a ripoff. I have reviewed numerous complaints about this company. IT WILL NOT STOP UNTIL WE BAND TOGETHER AND TAKE ACTION.



Please visit the site as soon as possible.

  • Dh
    D_Houston Mar 13, 2009

    I financed a 2002 Dodge Stratus through Wells Fargo.The car was totaled out in an accident.I notified my insurance company as well as my gap insurance provider and Wells Fargo and provided accidents reports etc as directed. For some reason that I cant explain Wells Fargo would not cooperate with the insurance companies.Every time I checked the status with the insurance companies they said they were waiting for a response from Wells Fargo.After a couple/three months of calling them and asking why they were stalling they kept telling me the insurance company had not them any information.Not to mention that every time I talked they would also claim that the information that my wife & I faxed never reached them.( 6 times at least) I called my insurance company and the agent had me call them with 3 way calling.wells fargo tried to calim no contact until my agent cut in.Had to do same with GAP insurance.After months of stalling they still put on my credit report that I owe them 4000.00 claiming no payment from my GAP coverage.Called GAP insurance & got proof of check amount that was sent to Wells Fargo.I checked my report again and found the exact amount that GAP insurance paid was off my report but some how or another Ihave 1500.00 that they charged me for car payments they claim I didnt make m while my accident claim was being processed.How can they charge me for lying and stalling?

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2home mortgages,2interest rates, uying one home

back in september 8, 2006 my father and i worked with a realator company here in terre haute indiana.named...

mentally challenged mortgage dept.

This is the most incompetent, careless and dishonest company that I have ever dealt with! I got divorced in...

terrible experience

First, Wells Fargo told me that a cashier's check is as good as cash. So I sold an expensive camera on...

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refuse to accept mortgage payment

I fell behind on my mortgage payments, I still needed to pay for Oct. payment, I called on Nov.13th to make...

mortgage renewel issues

Wells Fargo Financial Corporation Canada is stealing my home. i purchased a home three years ago using wells Fargo. my rate was approx. 7%. I have never missed a payment. my credit score is not the best but is about the same as when i first got the mortgage. when i called in to renew I dealt with a women named Lelani. She never once advised me how much my payments would be and just said to go into a branch to sign the papers. i went in to find out that my mortgage payments went from 1600 a month to 2600 a month with no warning.

she also did not allow me to read the documents and simply stated if we do not sign now that wells fargo will foreclose on my home right away. she is stealing my home. she knows that this amount is not something i can pay. i am under the understanding that they must provide 72 hours to read the documents. i was not allowed this. also she advised me that i would lose my home if i did not sign right away. now i am up a creek and drownig as i have no way of paying 2500 a month. basically its like them came to my door and put a gun to my head and said give me your house. i am going to try and fight this but have no idea how. i bought this house with no money down. if i sell it i will still lose money.

i need help my first payment on my new mortgage is due next month. i do not recommend these guys to anyone as all was good til the renewal now they have screwed me over and left me homeless .

wells fargo, the perfect front. The pitiful, pliable, customer
service team is perhaps the most ingenious part of this fine-tuned plan.
Heartless humans honed to keep hope alive. Their malicious intent is to
steal your home. Their pretense of goodwill is unforgivable.

Steve pickering, Ontario

did not receive bill

We bought furniture from J&J in the summer, we had the furniture delivered Oct. 2nd to our new home. We have not received any correspondance from Wells Fargo. Even though we were in the midst of moving, we hae received all of our mail from several other businesses. We have called the furniture store on 2 occassions and they say that we will get a bill and then if we continue to have problems they will involve some one. I called and waited over 20 mins, to talk to someone and they would not tell me if a bill was sent. In the meantime, if we are "late" we never received a bill and in the long run if this hurts our credit, we will be highly UPSET!!!

  • Se
    sean westbrook Jun 07, 2011

    This is the exact same problem I am having, it is hurting my credit. I have been told my wells fargo that I will be sent to collections if the bill goes 3 months past due, I have yet to see one bill. In the beginning my account was put on freeze cause they needed to verify info. I had to call and found out about the verification needed ( i was late on that payment because they never contacted me and I never recieved a bill). It happened again, they froze my account cause they need to verify I called again to see what the deal was, I was late again!!! It has been almost 7 full months and I haven't seen ONE bill... DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH Wells fargo Finanical...

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fraudulent activity

About two weeks ago I received a phone call from someone at Wells Fargo Financial bank about opening a Wells Fargo Visa card. At the time I was extremely busy (just got home from work, trying to walk the dog, and trying to help my wife make dinner) and asked the caller if they could simply send me the information by mail, but the guy was very persistent and I sat through his 10 minute pitch about the card. During this time he asked me a few questions to verify my information so that he could send me the information package.

I didn't really think much about the phone call and figured that I would get the usual credit card package in the mail with a form to obtain the new card. It wasn't until I checked the mail on Saturday November 1st that I realized that the jerk that I talked to on the phone had gone ahead and opened the credit card for me. I did not authorize this and I made it clear to him on the phone that I only wanted an information package and not the card. When I realized what he had done, I completely lost it and immediately called the customer service number listed on the new card.

After about a 15 minute wait on the phone I finally got to talk to a customer service rep. I was completely furious about the whole situation and told her that I wanted the account canceled immediately and I wanted to know the name of the person who authorized the card to be opened in the first place. She told me that 'there is no way that Wells Fargo Financial can know this information' which just made me more angry. I admit that I did say a few curse words while I was on the phone, but I didn't think saying 'hell' a few times was enough to have the customer service rep hang up on me... boy was I wrong. She hung up on me and didn't even confirm that the account had been closed.

As I am typing this message out I am still on hold with the customer service center trying to A) determine if my account was closed by the person that hung up on me and B) to push for more information on who opened the account. I know I probably won't get an answer to B) so I wanted to pass on my experiences to everyone via [redacted].

The bottom line is this... if Wells Fargo Financial calls you about opening a Visa card and you are not interested, HANG UP THE PHONE!

illegal action on innocent bank customer in regards to identity theft

In 2002 I signed as a loan based on a personal agreement with the president for IBE (International Busine...

distructive liars taking money

I had a mortgage on my house with Wells fargo. I had bought and paid for 2 houses with Wells Fargo and paid...

can't reach a live person on customer service phone number

EMC is paying too much nfor taxes from my escrow account. The customer service number insists I press a number to reacfh someone but there is snever a live person, only more buttons to pus. Then they cut off my call.
Doesns't a lender HAVE TO HAVE a human being to discuss such matters?
I am frustratede beyond belief!

  • Kh
    Khrystyna Jan 26, 2009

    Hi, I have had the same problem, here is what you can do (what we have done) to get a hold of them call 1-800-695-7695 and just stay on line, don't press any buttons, eventually it will give you an option of speaking to operator, and she can direct you, or try 1-800-695-7695 ext 2106, that's what the operator told me to do. I think, it is very unfair to their customers that they don't let them know what is the number for actual "live person".

    Hopefully, this will help you!


    1 Votes
  • Je
    Jensen Feb 05, 2009

    Customer service does not exist at EMC. I have tried for months, during their supposed hours. It immediately disconnects when you try to speak to somebody. They do not even have an email address!

    VERY SHADY! Their loans are all transferring to Chase, but in the meantime I am very uncomfortable sending them my money.

    1 Votes
  • Be
    Bert Clanton Mar 16, 2009

    I had a mortgage loan with EMC. I arranged a short sale of my property with EMC, and escrow closed on the sale back in October 2008. EMC owes me IRS Forms 1098 and 1099-C, neither of which I have received. I succeeded in speaking to a real live person at EMC and requested that they send me those forms. They agreed to send the forms. This was two weeks ago, and I haven't yet received the forms. I'm worried, because I'll need the forms to file my income tax returns.

    0 Votes
  • Fr
    Freeland Southard Oct 07, 2009

    I agree, EMC mortgage Co. seems to be very illusive when it comes to customer service. I've been in the process of a loan modification with this company for several months now and it seems as though they arn't really interested in working with the customer/tax payer at all. Banks/lawyers/politicians oh my, does this remind anyone of a place called OZ as opposed to America. When it comes to working with any of these guys it just feels like I/we are the sacrificial lamb being lead to the slaughter. Keep your eye on the ball America, if you can!

    Freeland Southard

    [email protected]

    0 Votes

illegal practices

I had bought some stuff online from walmart and delias, they had charged me twice for my delias order and some how charged both my account now prepaid visa card and deducted funds from my wells fargo account for the same walmart order and according to walmarts shipping policy your bank /credit cards not billed until your orders shipped and yet i didn't get all my order but yet had paid for it. And they made me feel guilty for spending my own money too!!! They said well why did you spend so much here i told them thats for me to know and for you people not to find out.

unauthorized withdrawel by wells fargo

I have checking and saving accounts with Wells Fargo since more than 15 years. The accounts are under Family Trust account and not personal. I started a business over 2 years ago and I got a separate business credit card account for myself and my partner in the business. My banking relation with Wells Fargo Bank was great.

I paid off my business credit card account completely. But my partner did not pay his balance or the minimum payments due on his card for a month or two (card # ending with 1122).

Shockingly, and upon checking my online banking account on 10/7/2008 morning, I saw that an amount of $2, 609 has been taken from the family trust saving account, the savings that was saved for my daughter school. When I called the bank they told me that the bank took the money to pay off the minimum payment on my partner’s card. This has been done without my permission or my authorization.

I went to my Well Fargo Branch, and met with the branch manager and she helped me to make phone calls to the right departments to explain what happened. They told me that I have signed a personal guarantee on the business credit card account, which I don’t recall signing such a document.

I have requested a copy of the signed documentation to show to my attorney by sending a fax from the wells Fargo branch on the same day 10/7/08, and I haven’t received any response so far (copy of the fax confirmation is available)

What the bank has done is totally wrong, even-though if a personal guarantee has been signed – which I haven’t seen yet- the money was taken from a family trust account. Not a personal account. The bank should have called me before they take any action specially when I have a great 15 years banking relation, the bank should have gone after my partner, not punch me because I trusted the bank and kept my savings for my daughter’s school. The bank should not have punched me when I have paid off my business card completely.

I request a refund of the unjustified withdrawal of the amount of $2, 609.00 to my account.

Thank you.

  • Da
    Dan Bell Apr 28, 2009

    We are casting a documentary about unfair bank policies. Looking for stories with complaints about banks. If you are cast we will pay you. If interested contact [email protected] for more information. Casting needs to be concluded by May 1st, 2009.

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I re did my mortgage with Wells Fargo a year ago and was totally abused by the agent. She lied and ignored me, then sent me the paper the day before signing with the interest rate and payment information.. On the day of signing, I came across a document which seemed to indicate that I would have to pay the taxes - I had requested that the taxes be included on a regular basis during the loan negotiations. I am now stuck with a mortgage the same as the previous one, but I still have a $150 a month tax payment on top of the amount of the previous loan. Then I wentt o check them on my checking account which has not been used very much. I was dismayed to see a $12 a month charge for the last 2 months because "I did not have 3 products with them". I haven't had 3 items for at least a year, and there was no notification, just added 2 months of check account payment for 2 months (which by the way made me $5 minus in my account. Obviously this company has lost touch with reality... I mentioned that I had a couple bad things happen and the rep proudly announced that they were the biggest ahd best in the industry... HAH!!! I wrote them over and over but they refused to listen to me.

  • Da
    Dan Bell Apr 28, 2009

    We are casting a documentary about unfair bank policies. Looking for stories with complaints about banks. If you are cast we will pay you. If interested contact [email protected] for more information. Casting needs to be concluded by May 1st, 2009.

    0 Votes

illegal actions

Wells Fargo has destroyed my credit and refuses to repair it! Before I was deployed to Iraq for 15 months, I had changed insurance companies for my vehicle. Wells Fargo was not aware of the change, but knew that the old insurance policy was canceled. Without my knowledge, they added insurance onto my loan. Consequently, $215 of my $550 monthly payment was being taken for this insurance. When I returned from Iraq, I applied for a motorcycle loan, and was denied. When I pulled up my report, Wells Fargo was reporting my loan as being delinquent over 30 days for 15 months. I faxed them evidence that there was insurance on the vehicle the entire time I was in Iraq, and they were supposed to adjust my principle balance and fix my credit report. The balance was supposedly adjusted (though I don't see much of an impact in it as it should be) but they refuse to fix my credit now. They told me a request was never put in. A request? I can't even begin to tell you how many times I requested they fix it! Then, they said it would be quicker to file a dispute with the credit bureau. I did this, and Wells Fargo is still reporting that I was delinquent for 15 months, even though I can provide proof I made all the monthly payments and that the vehicle was insured. I am trying to trade in the vehicle, but can't due to my credit history. Wells Fargo won't even give me a new loan, when they're the ones who messed it up! The requested I get a co-signer, which I provided, but they said because I live in Texas and she is in California, they can't use her. How that makes any sense, I don't know. They are also still trying to collect over $400 in late fees from me. I have repeatedly requested a print out of my updated payment history to show how much of each payment was applied to interest and principle. I have yet to receive it.

To make matters worse, under the Soldiers and Sailors Act, by federal law, they are not allowed to charge me more than 6% interest (my regular rate is 18%... I still ask myself why I agreed to that). I faxed them my orders to show I was deployed and the dates. They came back and said the orders were not sufficient enough. I re-faxed the same orders I originally sent, and now they want me to show paperwork I am still active duty. Why that matters, I don't know.

So, not only have they destroyed my credit and refuse to fix it, they are refusing to help me get rid of a vehicle I no longer want AND they are not abiding a FEDERAL LAW by adjusting my interest rate during the time I was deployed. Wells Fargo is taking advantage of active duty military by adding things onto their loans while they are indisposed without their knowledge.

In addition to placing a complaint on this website, I also plan on filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and I have an appointment with a JAG officer to discuss my legal rights.

  • Tr
    tracyhaddakin Jun 23, 2011

    I know how you feel my husband is being deployed again over seas . We just got a car and have not received anything from them about the first payment, but a phone call about insurance which we had proof, but 2 days ago they came and repo our car and said that we would have to get another way of fiancing it. The first payment just came up I guess because when we bought the car the place wed bought the car said we had 60 days or so before our first payment and we still have yet to receive a payment book or letter stating when it was due. Dave was gone the whole month of may duing training. We can't even get them to talk to us. I want my car back and don't know what to do. Trying to get a hold of the main branch but can't get past the people at the office. Any ideas what to do.

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illegal activity

Mortgage rape!!!

A+ 2/28 xp full doc 40/30 1st
6 month libor
Margin 6.99%
Start rate/floor 9.95%
Ceiling 15.95%
1st rate change 24 months 3%
Regular rate change 6 months 1.5%

I never received a gfe on this loan. I was told the rate was 6.99% by the loan officer. wells fargo bought this loan from inhouse lender with knowledge that the property was over-valued and the terms of the loan were outrageous.

I have been requesting help regarding this situation since august of 2007 when I found out that the rate was actually 9.95%. I have also been working with the loan department workout negotiator for months and have been told one thing and then another thing is done or completely disregarded. I have kept very careful notes regarding every conversation I have had.

Imagine my surprise to learn from an ad with careerbuilder.com that a workout negotiator makes between $13.00 and $14.00 per hour. a high school diploma is required and some "other related finance experience preferred". must be detail oriented, self-motivated and have ability to organize assigned work. must be a team player.

I am appalled that my future and the future of my home are in the hands of inexperienced workers, making only $13.00 to $14.00 per hour. it's no wonder that there is no communication and no credible solution to help me in this incredibly malicious loan being offered.

What has been done to us is immoral, not the least of which should be illegal and the powers that be should be ashamed that this type of practice was and is ongoing. had I known that my actual interest rate would start at 9.95%, I would never have agreed to the loan.

Also, notary publics are the only people that go over the loan documents for the purpose of signing. there is no 3 day right of recision with a new loan, only with a refinance. the notary that signed with us gave us no information, simply pointed out the places where we were to sign. if notaries are to be allowed to sign loan documents with clients, they should be required to have knowledge and give explanation as to the terms of the loan at the time of signing, or the lender should be required to sit at the table with the borrower and the notary at the time of signing.

My credit is ruined and I will most likely lose this house because of unscrupulous and what should be illegal practices by the people involved.

I'm sure i'm not the only one who is experiencing this. I have 12-year old twin boys who are completely stressed out that we will have to move out of you home and they will possibly have to change schools.

In addition, the value of this property is now only $490, 000.00. it has devalued by $250, 000.00.

  • Ro
    ROB-BOB-A-LOB-BOB Jul 11, 2010

    SUE THE [censor] THEN

    STEP (1), Go Find a GREEDY, Hungry Lawyer on a contingency Basis FEE. If he does it for nothing but the outcome of your case, and then you pay him off for his services, You'll know you got a good case without him telling you since he already knows you're gonna win.

    STEP (2) RECOUP all your losses and then some.

    Go thru the Yellow Pages until you find one Attorney that says he'll do it.

    I had to call up 33 Attorneys for a particular case but I found ONE, JUST ONE, that would do it, and I won!!!

    The rest are lazy Cherry-Pickers that want easy cases only.

    0 Votes

never again

I would have to say that I am fed up with wells fargo. The calls requesting payment is ridiculous. You calling every half hour isn't going to make money come flying out of my mouth. I understand we are behind on our bill and it is in danger of repossessing but COME ON!!! I was out of work for 8 weeks due to conflicting work schedules with my husband and I so we got a month or two behind. Well, we noticed that his job wasn't going to be able to pay for all our bills so he went back to his old job so that I could go back to working nights. We needed another income. Ok so we were all caught up on everything and then I had to be out of work again due to us having another child. Well, we were no more then a day late not paying my car payment and they are calling us again. We were told when we were behind again that we could ask to defer a payment, or even two if they were both late, to the end of the loan. So My husband and I were glad that we could do that for when i would be out for having the baby. Well, we let it get behind so we could defer the payments and we were told that they couldn't do it because there was an application process for it. I'm sorry but if you are behind on a payment and you want to defer it, by the time it gets accepted the next payment would be late already!!! So needless to say when we kept getting phone calls my husband finally answered it and they were requesting payment. My husband explained that we requested a deferal and she had no idea and had to check for us. Come to find out it was DENIED!!! Nobody would have called us to tell us it was denied so we wouldn't have found out until it was too late. Now we are 2 months behind because of that and they are threatening to come take the car. Which is my way to get back and forth to my job!! I am so frustrated with wells fargo. They need to stay connected and communicate with each other at least if not with thier customers!! They are ridiculous and I will never use them again!!

  • Da
    Dan Bell Apr 28, 2009

    We are casting a documentary about unfair bank policies. Looking for stories with complaints about banks. If you are cast we will pay you. If interested contact [email protected] for more information. Casting needs to be concluded by May 1st, 2009.

    0 Votes

unethical practices of stealing customers money

During these times of financial crisis, we are encouraged by many to not panic. Don't take your money...

fraud, fraud, fraud

After being on time with 29 payments never missing one for my car payments, we ran into some financial difficulties. spoke with someone in the department about a week a half ago and he said, no problem, just call back after the due date and they will give you a deferment on payment for a month. Called back today 10/13/08 and after going through their chain of command in their collections department, I was told by the floor supervisor verbatim "We are not heartless, we want our money" among other words. I live on social security and had just run into a temporary situation. On time for 2 1/2 years and this is how a bank treats good customers? I can't believe it.

  • Jo
    john doe Jan 26, 2009

    Wells Fargo is the worst bank in the world. They hold your checks! I just switched to Bank of America because Wells Fargo is such a piece of ###.

    0 Votes

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