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This company draft funds from my after being told that the vech was a total lost without my permission. I never gave them authorization to dept my account. Then when they did it, they debit my account for two months payments to a vech my insurance is making a total payoff on. The vech for one was covered under a gap policy and wa completly insured. The payment should have never came from my checking account without permission.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Ozark, ALBy doing this it placed me in a very bad situation today. First of all the money was alloted to a new vech dealer today, wich i couldnt pay becuase the funds wasnt there, also I it places me unable to provide a way to work today and tomorrow until my bank can fix this. Next when I called the customer service I stayed on the phone for over 60mins and wasnt able to be helped at all. I would like to to be contacted with feed back about this company! [protected] Mr Jordan

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      Feb 18, 2010

    Wells Fargo Also drafted funds out of my bank for 1 month and enought for half of nexts months bill without my permission or my wife. we called them about this they said my wife gave them authorization.She hasn't talk to them at all. per our phone bill we didn't even call them on the day they said we did.the bill was only 5 days late.after 2 weeks of calling and getting the run around they sent me a letter saying wells fargo auto finance will NOT return the money. something needs to be done about this company.anyone have any ideas what to do please email me at [protected]

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      Sep 01, 2012

    my husband co signed on a loan for my son and the car dealer signed him up with wells fargo and they messed up the automatic withdraw from my sons account and did not do it one month and then they contact us the next month and say it is late and now he owes two months i told them off first of all for screwing it up in the first place...they were able to take the first month or two and then they just stopped. they said he would have to fill out an automatic withdrawal paper and they mailed it to me I filled it out and had just mailed it on i know they had not recieved it when they did what they did. my son has a pnc account and we have a sovereign account...friday evening i see that they had taken 3 payments of 218 from my account and one was taken out the day before my husbands pay went in putting us int he hole and fees then they proceeded to take two more out on friday evening and they came out before the bills that we had already set up to come out came in and then they all hit at once and 7 more fees. how can they go into our personal account without our authorization and do that? we never even gave them our account information so where did they get it????? I am totally ticked off. this to me is the same as stealing someones debit card and using it illegally i am contacting a lawyer tuesday and also notifying the bank that someone has stolen my account information and stolen from me...charging them with theft.

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