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Wells Fargo Auto Finance / I am being frauded

1 Folcroft, PA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 480-337-3200/ Sharon Jones

This company is a fraudulent scam, and needs to be shut down permanently!!! They just recently bumped up my monthly payment without my authorization by $100.00 per month, in addition they have been frauding my account from day 1, saying I havent made payments for certain time periods when I have ALL documentation right down to the cancelled check I wrote for the downpayment in my posession to date. They reposessed my 2006 vehicle last November 17th 2007 even tho I faxed them and spoke to a rep on the phone that I was in fact current on my payments.They now have tried to send out repo companies to take my vehicle stating they have an order for a "deceased person" as the owner for their reasoning in taking my vehicle. Back in Nov 07 they made me pay $2, 600 to get my vehicle out of repo altho I was in fact current then they refuse to fix my account saying to date im still behind. They are now claiming I have a bankruptcy to which I never had. Now they are sending me monthly statements with outragious amounts owed, saying I owe them a huge lump sum for collateral insurance which I never signed up for nor authorized with them, I have always had my own full coverage with a diff private insurance company. They're excessive unwarranted late fees are absurd as well. They refuse to correct anything on my account stating I still owe amounts to which I do not owe. And for them to bump up my monthly payments $100.00 without my authorization, well isnt that slightly illegal?? This company is fraudulent and needs to be removed from the business/corporate society in totality asap!!! I am trying to find an attorney with the where with all to go up against these frauds and not chicken out becuz they are a big bank/company. I am going to get involved in every class action lawsuit I can against wells fargo auto finance and search for an attorney with gumption to sue the hell out of these frauds. Eventually we can all hope as consumers/victims of this company if we all band together we can put them out of business and in prison for good!!!

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  • Sh
      15th of Oct, 2008
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    Wells Fargo... what can I say?? I have had my truck through Wells Fargo for 2 1/2 years and it has ALWAYS been due on the 30th of the month. Well, I got a call this month saying I am 5 days late.. It's the 15th!! They for some reason decided to move my payment due date to the 10th of the month... without informing me about it... The girl that called was so rude and I was rude right back! They "sent" me notification.. yeah, RIGHT!! So, I am with all of you on this!! THEY SUCK!!!

  • Ki
      4th of Nov, 2008
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    I agree... they are scammers... My boyfriend bought me a 2004 Ford Explorer Sporttrac that we purchased at a 15.9% APR, after 3 yrs... we were having financial difficulties and discovered that after 3 yrs we owed more than we purchased it for which set off flags... 15.9% and they changed it to approx 25% APR from go and I had no idea because he didn't tell me what the APR was until after the fact... We told them of the problem, yet they did nothing to fix the problem ... We tried to get an attorney and the dealership was more than willing to stand behind us 100% in court... However, we cannot afford to pay for an attorney and they got the truck and we were charged the difference between the price of the car and the sold price... we also suspect that they received our refund money from the warranty that was never used... They are scammers for sure... Would love an attorney to help...

  • Zd
      19th of Aug, 2009
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    I purchased a car in 2000 thru Wells Fargo. I had gotten behind on payments late 2001. After negotiations with the "Collections Dept." I began mailing a payment of 400.00 every two weeks to the "Collection Agent for Wells Fargo" in Phoenix, Arizona. I was to make payments using money orders only. The account number I was instructed to reference on money order wasn't the same number as my original loan number. Prior to mailing payments I was asked to fax a copy of the money order to the "collection dept.". After 3 months and 2400.00, I had finally gotten caught up and current...I thought.

    One week later, a Wells Fargo rep. contacted me at work to inform me they would be repossessing the car as payments were delinquent. She claimed I hadn't made a payment in more than 6 months. I explained to her that I was in fact caught up on my payments and told her she should speak to John in the Collections Dept. and I gave her his direct phone number.

    The folling day, I received a call at work from the Wells Fargo. The lady told me that Wells Fargo did not have a collection dept. or agent working at the address where I mailed payments. She couldn't reach anybody at the phone number I had given her as it was a disconnected number. The loan number I had been referencing on my payments was also not a good number. They said I still owed them the 2400.00 along with late fees. None of the information I had or proof of payments was any good to them.

    Long story short, I was forced to file Chapter 13 so I could keep my car from being repossessed. My bankruptcy attorney wasn't able to do anything about the "lost payments". I guess you might say, I GOT JACKED.

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