Wells Fargo / atm's not dispursing money

Henderson, NV, United States

I go every weeks to get my money off of my unemployment card at the wells fargo atm cause there is no fee since they are issued by wells fargo. This is the second time I went to go get the money and the atm did not disperse the money to me. The last time the atm realized that I did not get the money and it credited the money back to my card. This time it time the atm tried to disperse the money and it did not but it gave me a receipt saying that the machine gave me the money. So I go and talk to the counter at wells fargo and they say we don't service our atm so you need to call this 800 number to wells fargo. I called the number right after it happened and they transferred me to someone that took all of the information about the atm and the receipt that it gave me said that they hop to have it resolved and credited back within 24-48 hrs but they said if I were you I would call the unemployment card and file a claim there too so that we (Meaning well';s fargo) get the issue from two ends and hopefully gets resolved quicker. The next day I called the number back to check the status and they are telling me that they can not do anything for me that I have to file a complaint through the unemployment card since I do not have an account with wells fargo they cant help me. Even though the cards are issued through wells fargo they cant help me cause I don't have a personal account with them. This company is so jacked it insane. I would never open an account with wells fargo and will make sure that I spread the news that I would never recommend opening an account at well fargo...

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