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Wells Fargo Atm / ridiculous atm fees

1 1st and Layton Ave.Milwaukee, WI, United States

I will never go to Wells Fargo again. Talk about a bank who is desperate for cash. Keep in mind that I am not a Wells Fargo customer and I am thankful that I am not. My car broke down while I was at the dry cleaners. The tow truck driver was cash only so I had no choice but to go to an ATM. The closest one, mind you I was walking, was at the Wells Fargo about a block away. I swiped my card and it made me check my balance-there was no option on the screen not to, and they did not say anything on the screen about a charge for this service. Then I took out 80.00 and they charged me 3.00 to do so. Fine, whatever, it was an emergency situation. When I got back to work and checked my bank account online I saw that they charged me 3.00 to take out the money, 2.00 to check the balance-which I did not need in the first place, and then my bank charged my 2.00 for using a different ATM. That's right-I paid 7.00 to take out money in an emergency situation. Can someone tell me what is wrong here? I will never go to a Wells Fargo ATM ever again.

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