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Weight Watchers At Work Program / no refund

1 United States

January of this year I signed up for a 17 week weight watchers program with my job. I only attended two meetings and then I left my job. The total cost of the 17 week program was $186.00 I wrote three checks for $62.00 for myself and three checks for the same amount for my aunt. I requested a refund saying I no longer worked there I was told I could get $133.00 back and this was minus a processing fee. I got a check from weight watchers in the mail for $91.00.

I was told by the meeting instructor that my aunt needed to email her so she could also get a refund, because my aunt only attending a few meetings also. The very same day my aunt emailed the instructor and told her she would like a refund. The instructors emailed me and my aunt saying that my aunt wasn't eligible for a refund because she hadn't left the job and there was only a few other reason why they would give a refund,

My problem is they deposited all three of the checks I wrote for my aunt and the last one was bounced. My bank charged me $18.00, then they turned around and a week later they deposited the check again (On my Payday!) They took out the $62.00 plus a $30.00 returned check fee. They took $92.00 out of my account for a program that neither me nor my Aunt has a attended in weeks. I don't remember them telling me about a no refund policy if you quit or them giving me a paper with that policy on it because If I had known I would have never signed up.

When I do the math I figure Weight Watchers took $402.00 from me and only refunded me $91.00. That's two memberships fees of $186.00 = $372.00 + $30 returned check fee = $402.00 and if I subtract the $91.00 they refunded that leaves $311.00. To me that is a whole lot of money for a program I didn't even attend half of, or my aunt. I'm very disappointed in Weight Watchers and I have joined several times and never had this problem, I will never ever join their program again and I plan on complaining on every website I can, and tell everyone I know about this because it's just not fair for them to not refund a consumer for a program they are no longer attending.

Very Very Upset Consumer!


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