Wegmanspays off employes to keep quiet

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Wegmans will fire you if you say anything negative about them. They keep everything wrong hush- hush. And than they pay you to keep quiet about their stores. They have very good attorneys. We laugh when they are again name employer of the year. This is a joke in Rochester where they started. Employess are not allowed to talk to other employees about anything wrong with Wegmans because they will get fired if overheard. And once you make your 10 years they will find a way to fire you And their products!. Try purchasing a can of their chicken noodle. All broth and 1 noodle. Poor quality items with their names on it. They have gotten rid of most of the famous brands. And never buy their noodles. They get gummy.

Alex Baldwin should talk to the people in Rochester before endorsing them.

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  • Ma
      May 05, 2012

    Wegmans brags about how great they are as a shopping experience, member of the community, and a place of employment. I can only comment on the shopping experience and do have some complaints as listed below.

    1> Asking for ID's from people in their 40's and above is so ridiculous I have a difficult time talking about it. I think you do not give enough credit to your cashiers to be able to think on their own and card people that need to be carded only.
    2> The continued erosion of product choices to push your own brand. A case in point is the removal of Nabisco Saltine crackers (only the number 1 selling saltine on the planet) to push your own crap and the inferior Keebler brand.
    3> Last but not least is the overpriced and over sized subs that you continually push. While the subs are fine if you are a voracious eater the fact that you do not offer subs on a smaller role is obscene. You could even cut a 7 inch in half and reduce the price.

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  • Th
      Feb 01, 2013

    1>Asking for I.D.'s is REQUIRED by state law. Police officers are regularly sent to grocery and convenience store locations to ensure that this law is being followed. The store will not risk its license, and the cashier wont risk losing their job or receiving a fine for underage sale of alcohol. If you're in your 40's or above you've been buying alcohol long enough to know you need your I.D.
    2> Wegmans didn't get rid of nabisco saltine crackers. nabisco pulled the product from the shelves while it changed both the packaging and the shape of its saltine crackers.

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  • An
      Mar 24, 2018

    Typical Wegman's and crooked Hilary..trash and blame the victim.

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