Webster BankThievery

I have been a customer of Webster Bank since I first opened an account in 2003. I left People's Bank due to their mysterious fees that kept popping up occasionally, causing my account go to overdraft. Out of the frying pan and into the fire it would seem. I've had my share of problems with Webster over the years, usually due to their aberrant and random clearing of posted payments which basically seems to be whenever they feel like it, but ever since January it's gotten worse. I paid my veterinary with a check, which cleared in November. January rolls around and I see my account is -$600. I noticed this on a Sunday and panicked because my car payment had yet to clear and I didn't get paid until the next Friday. Then I noticed that Webster Bank allowed the vet's bank to take the check out again. The first thing I did in the morning was go down there, WITH PROOF of this being taken out in November and the same check (which by the way wasn't the actual check that cleared in November, it was a copy sent over by the other bank, but Webster allowed it to be taken out). The bank manager thought I was full of crap (but she actually was nice about it once she realized I was right). The problem was fixed, but ever since then it seems that whenever they see fit, the rearrange transactions on my account, take items out early, and charge at least 3-4 $37 fees a month due to this. Out of a paycheck of $700 that was direct deposited on Friday, I'm down to $-100, mostly due to overdraft fees and items being rearranged that I now have NO proof of because I don't make it a habit of printing out my transaction history hour by hour! STAY AWAY FROM THESE THIEVES!!!

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