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Webster Bank / Aware of this bank!

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My wife and I opened an account at this bank a couple of weeks ago. We reviewed the banks funds availability and felt we had everything down pretty well. Boy were we wrong! We made a deposit through the ATM machine. The receipt showed the amount which became available and we took the bank at it’s word via the receipt. Well apparently the bank changed its decision once it processed the deposit and made the funds available. However, they never notified us. Because of this change, the bank considered all of the transactions we made to overdrafts and charged us a total of $120.00. Because of these charges our bank was depleted under the balance sufficient to pay several other outstanding transactions and we were charged an additional fee of $150.00. A total of $270.00 in just two days! I immediately deposited money to the bank to cover what we owed and maintain the account. In addition, I contacted Joyce Frac with whom we had opened the account. To my dismay she only offered to refund us a measly $60.00. I felt that since the bank had changed the availability of the funds without notification they should refund all of the fees but they refuse to do so. So, I’d like to post this issue on in order to make others aware of this bank so they can chose a different bank.

Webster Bank, 359 Queen Street, Southington CT 06489

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  • As
      15th of Feb, 2007
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    Webster bank is the worst bank i have ever had. I have had non stop problems with them. When i first opened the account the woman took my license to get my full name and somehow she wrote down a different last name. When i pointed it out to her she said she would fix it. A week later when i got my visa check card of course the last name was incorrect. So i had to wait two more days for a new card. Then i went to cash my paycheck and a teller would not cash the whole thing which ruined my plans of buying a psp for my fiance for valentines day. I had about $300 in my account when i went to kfc and bought $3.91 worth of food. I also bought something for $10 at the mall. I go online to look at my transactions and they charged me $60 for overdrawing my account because they took so long to put the charge through that a hold went on my account. And i am writing this right now because i looked online at my account again and look at this! They put $100 of my money on hold without telling me because i cashed my state refund tax. Dont use webster bank they suck.

  • Ja
      30th of Nov, 2007
    +1 Votes

    Webster Bank is one of the worst institutions I have ever done business with. This bank robs from the poor. If you have a checking account with debit card and your balance for 1 second is negative they will hit you for a $33.00 charge for every transaction, when you redeposit money they will grab it for fees. If you have more than 5 $33.00 charges it is increased to $35.00 then if your balance remains in negative terittory the charges continue to pile up util you can no longer afford this bank. It's a vicious cycle that will suck all your money up. Instead of rejecting transactions that create a negative Webster accepts them so they can screw you on the fees. At the same time they offer all kinds of free accounts like business, senior, etc. If you live check to check and your balance goes up and down this bank will force you to leave with their account fee structure.
    The customer service is nasty, unforgiven and unhelpful. If you have a disagreement with them they log it on their management software and they will forever treat you like garbage.

  • Ho
      29th of Jan, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I dealt with Webster Bank because my bank First Fed was bought out by Webster. In 2006 I was struggling with my finances and called to make arrangements on a payment, not only did nobody ever call me back but I then sent a certified letter to a Sarah Collins and she never contacted me. Webster BAnk then called the loan and what a nightmare it has been for me. A $4000.00 loan turned into almost $13,000.00. I almost lost my home and everything around me. Webster Bank is not a pleasant institution to work with. All of my other creditors worked with me. I would never stick anyone on a payment, but god when you're trying so hard to make arrangements and Webster seems to want you to fail, it's scary!!! They made me pay for legal fees and court fees, eventhough I always tried to work with them. My advice to everyone out there is (STAY CLEAR OF WEBSTER BANK!" They will ruin your life!!! Dreaming of ruining your with Webster Bank.

  • Jo
      20th of Jun, 2008
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    I have had more than one problem with Webster Bank.
    One time I deposited a check for $1500 via ATM which
    they rejected for a technical reason based on how the check
    was made out. Ok, fine. They can refuse a deposit. But the way that they refused my deposit was to debit ( subtract ) $1500 from my account and then two days later credit ( add ) $1500 to my account.
    This is how they got to zero. But what happened in the intervening
    two days is that the missing $1500 caused my checking account to go
    low so that checks presented for payment were NSF. But Webster still paid them and charged me NSF fees. Two days later they restored the $1500 they had subtracted, but the damage had been done. My payees got their money but I got NSF fees even though
    I had sufficient funds there all the while.

  • Jo
      20th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    Today I found another problem with my Webster checking account.
    I deposited my paycheck via ATM and was given an immediate
    $100 available credit. The next a check for $87 was presented for
    payment against my account. There was sufficient funds and my available balance showed a positive amount after the check was paid.
    Sounds Ok. I thought so. But then when they post my deposit from paycheck they decide that for some reason I should now get an NSF fee for a check that has already cleared when my account was NEVER negative for one second ! I am at my wits end with Webster Bank.
    I am seriously searching for a new bank.

  • Fr
      5th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I am having a horrible time with my construction loan through this bank.

    I obviously upset someone and every week I get nasty letters of late payments, NEVER made a late payment and missing paperwork, paperwork is NEVER missing.

    When someone there wants you . . . they will get you!!

  • Jo
      15th of Oct, 2008
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    I made a Deposit on Friday the bank did not make the funds available till the following Wednesday than the proceeded to charge me with nsf fees in order of biggest charge or check to smallest no matter when they posted costing me a total of 490.00 this year alone i have paid over 3000.00 in nsf fee and i can not break the cycle with these ###

  • Sa
      1st of Dec, 2008
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    I agree with the complaints on this board. If any of you feel that charges/fees were made against your account were made because of Webster Bank's wrong doing and if you can prove you have done your due diligence (like comparing your own register with what you see online) and if you STILL see erroneous charges being made to your account - send a letter to the Attorney General Blumenthal/Consumer Protection. Another poster indicated she was going to write to the CEO - don't waste your time. He's going to protect Webster.

    Aside from the bank managers not knowing their own procedures and/or business practices, whacking us with overdraft fees when there isn't a negative balance, unlinking savings and checking without authorization - you think the CEO CARES? Start making a little noise with Attorney General Blumenthal - he'd have a field day with this place.

    As for me, I'm moving on - I have very little faith in this place.

  • To
      10th of Dec, 2008
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    What about their policy that when you deposit cash through their atm machine, you don't get the full amount credited for two days!! Somehow that doesn't seem legal. Their motto should be "Webster...The now you see it now you don't bank". I deposited over $300.00 cash through the ATM and wasn't credited for two days. The worst part is that when you look at your online statement, it doesn't show that it is being held in the history. Nowhere does it show a negative balance. Then, voila!! Seven overdraft fees and two more to come. I'm going to make a complaint to the banking commission on this. This never happens at my other bank. When I make an ATM deposit, the full amount is there the very next business day.

  • La
      31st of Dec, 2008
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    I have been with this bank for 19 years. Up til this year, I had no complaints. Back in July, I wrote a check and mailed it in. Supposedly, this check didn't clear due to NSF, but when I called the payee, they had no problem cashing it. However, Webster chose to not let my deposit of $320 go through, bounced my mortgage check and then bounced this check, even though it had not had problems as far as the payee was concerned. I never got a favorable response.

    They tell you two different things. My husband's credit union check is drawn on Webster Bank. I get from the manager at one branch that I should deposit it with a teller so it clears. Yesterday, I'm told by the teller that the only way I'll get immediate access is to put the $320 in the ATM and that $100 will clear right away and the other $220 the next day. They seem to have cleared it today, but I'm nervous that all the charges done after midnight, they might have cleared before this check - I've seen this done before.

    I'm going to call today to see if they're going to "bounce" the charges that were posted.

    Also, I don't know what time the ATM considers the same business day. If I deposited the $320 check at 4 p.m. on Monday, would it have totally cleared by Tuesday? Again, another issue that Webster is fuzzy about.

    As far as putting cash in the ATM, if you have more than $100 and it's the weekend, don't deposit it all. Put $100 in and then on Monday, go to the teller and put the rest in. They can't make you wait for your cash when you use a teller, can they? Well, then again, who knows with this bank? Also, you might as well use that cash instead of the ATM card so they can't charge you the fees if the money doesn't go through on time.

    I did notice too that it used to be that if you used your ATM as a credit card, it wouldn't go through for at least 2 days. Now, you're lucky if it's a day.

  • Pf
      4th of Mar, 2009
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    The problem is "false balancing" they make millions in fees for this. You make a deposit, 2 business days to clear, ok I can handle that. The first $100 of the deposit is available right? Oh, no, its only availble if you withdraw it in cash from the bank at the same time! Make a deposit, go around the corner, use your debit card to buy a loaf of bread, WHAm $35 NSF charge!

    I am changing banks this month, what a headache. My wife's bank, they'll call her and say, we've got this check for $800 and your account is low what would you like us to do, and she'll go deposit some money no problem.

    IO just got hit for $140 in NSF charges again, while I had $800+ in the bank, total rip off.

    I suggest everyone write a letter to our Attorney General to protest this bank "false balancing" scam!

  • Ka
      7th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have been charged over $500.00 in 1 month for overdraft fees. I had my checking account protected with a joint account and they still charged me $35.00. They still wont take off the charges. I dont know what to do. I had $1000.00 in the other account to cover any charges. I dont understand. I dont know who to call. I f anyone can help please let me know.

  • Bi
      15th of Mar, 2009
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    Holy cow! Now I know its not just me! I thought I was losing my mind with Webster's funds posting system! I'm an IT professional and I have long suspected they have some serious architectural deficiencies in their banking network and now I feel more positive of that than ever! My experience is VERRRRRY similar to the other complaints listed here.

    For the first 6 months I had the checking account, I kept a rather high balance - so I never ran into any issues. But when things got tight, I began to notice overdrafts being posted in the 24-48 hours after I made a deposit, and began making purchases. What's even more disconcerting is about 90% of the checks I deposited to the Webster account were written from a separate Webster CORPORATE account (not a personal checking acct)!!! HOW are those funds not available IMMEDIATELY if deposited in person during regular banking hours?! Bank policy I was told.

    Let me offer this disclaimer before I share my experience below . . . there were a couple of NSF's that I was clearly responsible for and I conceded when going line by line through statements with Customer service reps on a WEEKLY basis. But a good 80% of them were the result of my funds not being available when Webster promised they would be, even when following their unposted, but Service Rep stated deadlines for depositing (which I share below). It became unmanageable & absurdly stressful when my handicapped, elderly Mother lost her insurance coverage for 6 months and I had to pay her 13 different EXPENSIVE prescriptions out in cash from that account - and the money that should have been available wasn't because Webster had claimed it as their own.

    The first time it happened last fall, I called, protested, and they ultimately reversed half of the initial 6 charges and explained to me the timeline for restrictions on funds after deposit (which are not accurately available anywhere, unless you press the customer service rep for them). I also found out that normally $70 is the max that the first level Customer Reps are authorized to refund without getting further approval - which as if getting that $70 (that should have never been taken in the first place) isn't hard enough, just try getting them to go above that. And no matter how much they end up refunding, if any . . . they will not under any circumstances admit fault (even when I have proved that I followed their deadlines to a "T").

    So . . . for the record, and hopefully your benefit, if you deposit in a Branch located ATM, you must do so by 9 PM (not midnight - like most normal people would expect - again not posted anywhere), for the funds to be available the next regular BANKING day. Similarly, if you deposit a check in person during regular banking hours, the full funds will not be made available until the next REGULAR banking day. In both cases they make a small portion of your deposit immediately available no matter when or where the deposit is made. I can't remember if it's the first $100 or 10% of the deposit. Many of the deposits I was making were $1000, and I would notice $100 available after (but technically, NOT always - because even AFTER following Webster's protocol's of making the deposit (again most often this was a **Webster business account** check I was depositing) on a regular banking day during regular hours or before 9 PM at a branch ATM, and waiting until the next banking day before making purchases or withdrawing funds . . . IF those purchases or withdrawn funds on the day the deposited funds were to be cleared according to Webster's policy totaled more than $100, then often not only did I get whacked for each purchase above that $100 level, but my monthly statement would also make it look as though the first $100 was never available either because NSF funds take priority over the funds availability to the customers - meaning in essence, and in reality, I got DOUBLE whacked in some cases for the same purchase or withdrawal!!!

    It was at this point, I also noticed that Webster's outsourced Internet Banking information is often at odds with whats in their very own ATM banking info and phone banking info. There were Fridays I would check my balance, confident all previous transactions had cleared and posted, the electronic balances jibed with what I had recorded on my end, and I would proceed to make a purchase or two over the weekend well within my available balance, and get a card denied for insufficient balance. I would run to the closest ATM and do a balance inquiry and sure enough my balance was not what I had see just the day before on a Webster ATM. I'd go home dejected and pissed, check the online balance - and find it was exactly what it was on Friday. If i waited until the following Monday the issue was usually corrected online and at the ATM's and the funds I knew I had were suddenly available again. The problem with this is, several times I had available funds to cover a check that was out, and the check was processed on a Friday night or Saturday when those whacky balance issues occurred and YOU GUESSED IT - they still whacked me for a NSF on that check and still wouldn't admit any responsibility. And when I tried explaining the circumstances of what occurred, it was well above the Service Reps pay grade or interest.

    So . . . as a matter of comparison, I have a checking account with a local regional bank in Southeastern Connecticut named "Chelsea Groton Bank". If I make a desposit to a branch located ATM by midnight before a regular banking day, the funds are almost ALWAYS posted by no later than 8 AM the next morning, unless there is an issue with the check, and even then I've gotten a prompt phone call from that branch. (Gotto love those community based banks!!!) But more to the point, when I deposit the VERY SAME Webster corporate account drawn check into my Chelsea Groton Bank checking account, and do so in person during regular business hours . . . the FULL amount of the check's funds are made available IMMEDIATELY. I have NEVER NEVER NEVER had an overdraft fee with CGB if I follow that protocol. However, even if I follow EXACTLY what the Webster branch manager and customer service reps on the phone have told me about their protocol's for funds availability and avoiding overdraft fee's, and document their occurrences as best I can, I still get whacked somehow - and Webster has yet to admit ANY fault for any of the overdrafts, no matter what I produce as evidence to them. Having said that, in my experience - which is now mercifully drawing to a close, the only way to ensure your funds are 100% available after a deposit into a Webster account is to WAIT A FULL 72 --BANKING-- HOURS (as in NOT including Saturday and Sunday) before attempting to draw on the account. Of course, in this economy, and in this world of zip-zip electronic banking - waiting that period of time is a complete joke and represents an abdication of Webster's servicing responsibilities to it's customers and the privilege of operating a financial institution.

    I also know, having worked in professional sports, that Webster is a rather large player in the professional sports venture financing racket. In other words, if you want to build a new facility or buy a minor league team, Webster will pro-actively pursue winning that financing business. The interest on the principal in those deals is obviously enormous, so its ends up being very profitable. But I got suspicious about the retail banking side of this company last fall (once all this overdraft crap started happening), about how profitable Webster Bank would be (they build NEW banks from the ground up in areas they have never operated in or near previously, and keep those banks open even when it seems that they have very few customers). Two of my local branches are examples of this. For close to two years now, I've been into each branch at varying times throughout the week, all times of day . . . I've NEVER had to wait behind another person and never seen more customers than employees in either branch - NEVER. So, I suspect that Webster nuances their NSF's policy to cover their ### if banking regulators started looking into it, but I don't think there is any doubt they exploit the regulations to their favor and privately view it as a growth line on their income statements.

    Finally last Fall, I did read a news report that discussed the NSF issue and which banks in the Northeast have reported the highest amount of revenue as it relates to how many customers they have. I thought I bookmarked it, but I cannot find it now . . . but guess who was right near the top of the list . . . WEBSTER BANK!

    I will be closing the account soon. There is a negative balance of approximately $450 in the account. I told them that the balance I've left is what I feel they owe me. They of course disagree. I simply couldn't fight with them any longer. In my experience, Webster and the way they treat their customers with this NSF policy is not much better than the bottom feeders who offer Payday loans with loanshark like interest rates of 25%.

  • Ge
      30th of Apr, 2009
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    Frankly I am astounded that there are not more complaints against Webster on this board since you posted in 2007. I have had similar issues. There is absolutely no doubt that they purposely manipulate transactions to realize maximum NSF fees from their consumer depositors. I doubt they would be ballsy, or stupid, enough to engage in such practices with their business depositors as too much cash would be at stake and this is most definitely a bank that is on the precipice of catastrophic failure.

    Let me give you an example. I am a law student and had a measly $67 in my Webster checking. I made a purchased at a retail store and swiped my card in the electonic terminal only to be told that I swiped the wrong terminal and I should swipe again in another next to it. You guessed it, the first terminal was NOT cleared and somoine came up later and finished the transaction signing their name on my transaction. That move overdrew my account. It was fraud. A $2 debit from iTunes followed the same day. I realized $74.00 in NSF fees and it was fraud that caused the NSF. I called Webster to dispute the fraud and they said that I must either go back to the store, which was 45 miles away. and resolve with the mgmt or elect to have my debit card immediately cancelled and replaced 10-15 days later !!!Well I topk option A . Luckily the store actually kept a photo record of the sig on the bogus transaction and it was clearly NOT MINE. The store apologetically refunded my money. I then went to my Webster office shoiwng them the fraudulent sale and asked for a refund of the NSF. The assistant manager in the Westport office., a smug clown named Vincent Cuozzo(sp) told me to go back to the retailer and demand that the retailer refund the $37.00 as well because the retailer caused the overdraft. WHAT !. Hey, that argument would never fly, right?

    The $37.00 refund of the NSF was denied by Cuozzo. Wait, I am not done. It gets even better. I then say, wait a minute. if the $2 iTunes charge was posted BEFORE the bogus retail charge, both hit on thesame day, then my account would not have been overdrawn by cauxse the the $2 debit. . So I am at least entitled to at least the $37.00 back from the $2 iTunes charge rght, I say to Cuozzo? Cuozzo says NO. He then fabricated the most ridiculous story that a customer poll ( hey when has Webster ever cared about customer opinion?) That was first clue. Cuozzo then said that customers want the higher amount posted on the same day to come first. WHAT? For what reason? Cuozzo says because if it is a mortgage payment it may not then bounce. What!! What idiot could conjure that up? So I ask if that poll or policy is written anywhere? He stuttered and said that it is in the Disclosure that all depositors get (OH REALLLY? I ask for the Disclosure and then ask Cuozzo where to find the reference. He stutters again and says. "I don;t know but its in there"
    So I take the hefty Disclosure home and read it. read it agtain. I ask a lawyer friend to read it. Guess what? It AIN'T there. Surprised? You shouldn't be. You see, Cuozzo also said " In this banking environment we never refund NSF'S" No doubt whether they are erroneous, mechanically manipulated or downright fraudulent. It simply does not matter to Webster Bank because obviously they need your $37.00 if they have any chance of staying afloat. So to all who are reading this, let's collectively come together and make sure they don't stand a chance of surviving. There is much steam rising from excessive credit card and bank charges foisted on consumers while banks are thrown a lifeline with OUR tax dollars. Let's stop this. Write the CT and MA State Banking Commission. Write a letter to Richard Blumenthal CT AG, he-s a straight up consumer advocate. ...and write in this site. Lets be heard

  • Bl
      2nd of May, 2009
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    So I'm gathering this isn't unusual but ANOTHER Webster story! they're the biggest crooks I know. I had a couple of genuine overdrafts on my account that I deserved, fair enough. I put a couple of deposits in, it covered everything. I go into my account today, and what do I find but that there are 5 overdraft fees applied. I looked at what had happened, and they had shuffled one transaction over 3 days later to fit in before the previous 2 overdrafts! not only that but there were just two tagged on for absolutely no apparent reason. I called the phone support and was rudely cut down before I had a chance to say anything by some young woman who was probably 5 years younger than I am. Not only that but when I pointed out that the account had only gone into the negative on three transactions according to their own website, here's the kicker, I was told

    "YOUR ACCOUNT DOES NOT HAVE TO OVERDRAW IN ORDER FOR US TO CHARGE YOU OVERDRAFT FEES." That is word for word what the woman on the phone told me.

    When I asked for a supervisor I was told no. first thing monday I'm closing my account. Would have been today, but the wonderful branch where I live decided to lock their doors 10 minutes early (according to their posted closing time on the door) today. I sure am glad these theives got some of that federal bailout money I and my children will be paying off for the rest of my life.

  • Dm
      20th of Dec, 2009
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    I hate Webster... Question, I've had it.. I made a deposit if 300 cash to cover my 273.00 charges.. Boom, cause it was the same day the odraft 37.00 fees went in first! that's just cruel especially now I'm laid off and cannot possibly pay with my unemployment check 352.00 of of fees to cover and be in the pos... No I just won't feed my kids! They don't care they said, , , so now I have 5.00 service charges coming through for being in the negative!!! greeeeat! I'm about to just let this account go, has anyone done that and they eventually close it? Or can they come after me? I rightfully paid and deposited what I owed but ill be damn if I give them 400.00 of odraft fees cause they r crooks!! Advice needed?!?!? Thanks!

  • Fr
      13th of Jan, 2010
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    This has to be THE WORST BANK I have ever had an account with! It has gotten to the point where I need to check my balance every day and I still get lopped with overdraft charges! Why? Because they always seem to clear debit card purchases before they clear checks that are deposited. I'm always having to make deposits at the ATM because HOW THE [censored] can I get to the bank before 3:00 PM when I work 9 to 5?

    The deposits from the ATM can take over a day to hit the account.

    Currently, I made a deposit of $748.00 at the ATM on Sunday. It said my Available Balance was $214.00 ! Good, fine!
    I bought groceries that night, totaling $94.00. Checked my balance on Monday, $28.00! STILL NOT NEGATIVE!

    Nervous as hell, I checked online on Tuesday at 10:00 AM, still $28.00 and three pending transactions, my deposit, my groceries and a soda I bought. According to the WEBSITE, my check was first to clear...ok, nerves somewhat relaxed.

    Still not confident, I checked my balance today - THREE $37:00 SERVICE CHARGES for things I purchased earlier the previous week. Instead of going to the branch, I called their 800 number, got only two withdrawn from my account...STILL! This is absurd! At no point was my account in the NEG according to their provided information.


    This bank is setup to destroy their customers! Their hours force you to make late deposits, the information provided on your printed ATM balance is never accurate and if you check your online balance it doesn't matter because they process Debit Card purchases at odd hours. By the next day your balance will be drastically lower.

    On top of that the people at the local New Haven branch on Elm Street are RUDE, VERY RUDER! The Manager is one of the nastiest people I have ever dealt with.

    PS: Off topic BUT - at the Elm Street branch, look at the building - The logo design is a Swastika! YES - Like the Nazis!
    Seems fitting for this bunch of Con Artists!

  • Ag
      20th of Jun, 2010
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    Webster Bank - fees
    Webster Bank
    United States

    Stop complaining people.. if you do not know how to balance your check book then you should not even have an account. If you dont have enough money then dont use your debit card.. and finally, the bank is a business- why SHOULD it be free for you to use them??????????

  • Ag
      20th of Jun, 2010
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  • Sw
      29th of Jun, 2010
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    Webster Bank - Webster Bank
    Webster Bank
    United States

    Watch this bank for bait and switch! They quote a deposit rate on the phone and refuse to honor it at the branch. Can open the account - but at a much less attractive rate.

    Ask to have the problem escalated, and the manager will not return the call despite multiple promises from the staff.

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