Webrootabsolutely pathetic! they're no better than the # they're suppose to protect users from!

Jun 20, 2014

Here's a message I sent them and I'm letting everyone spread the word. I have not seen anything THIS blatant from a big time company in a long time! See the image, it's unreal.

-To whom it may concern

You are running a scam that does NOT allow prior customers to move away from webroot.

After using the run command to uninstall the active wrsa.exe file I found this abhorred thing when scanning and manually analyzing processes for your other crap...and I found THIS!

18 threads of your executable in a formerly invisible bogus file threaded similar to some of the inexcusable jackholes YOU are suppose to guard us against! I know the manufacturers don't give a ### about this...but MANY people, organizations and authorities will!

And, just enough uninstalled so that I was finally able to activate windows defender (required of me)...only to find out you won't let the definitions update!!! Nice.

Show me how to get ALL this crap off MY PC!

Mark Wittkowski


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