SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / charges for website and marketing services never used

Kirkland, United States

In April of 2013 I was contacted by a sales associate at asking me if I wanted to add a website to my domain that I had sitting empty. He said it was risk free and that if I didn't like it I wouldn't have to use it. So, I agreed to try their web template and explained what I needed to the associate. I provided my credit card believing I was getting charged a one time fee of $150.00. A couple of weeks later, they emailed me that it was ready - but it was created totally wrong, not per my instructions at all. I called back and told the sales associate that I could not and would not be using the template. He launched into how he would be marketing it and started asking me for keywords - at which point I again reiterated there would be nothing to market because the site he created was just simply not going to work and I did not need the services. Fast forward almost a year. I noticed that my American Express card - which was on auto pay and estatements, had been getting charged monthly $114.95. I immediately contacted and after several attempts to reach them I explained that I had believed I was on a risk free trail and had not used their web services. They agreed to refund me for three months and after several more contacts with their claims department they agreed to refund me one more month. But, keep in mind that had initially billed me $94.95 for four months - plus at the original conversation they charged me $13.99. Then without notification of any kind they raised the charges to $114.95 which they charged me ten times! Plus an added charge of $14.99. So, after their refunds they still refused to refund $1098.78! I contacted my State Attorney General's office who said I had to pursue it with a private attorney. After looking into that I found out I had to file in Small Claims court in Florida. Which resulted in a phone mediation where their attorney bullied me, said the amount owed was only $609.00, threatened that I would have to appear at a trial and then pay their court fees, and ultimately offered to give me $150.00 if I signed a paper stating I would never say anything about this. I said forget it - and to file in small claims cost me $255.00. So in total has cost me $1353.78. Both because their sales rep was deceptive and did not cancel my service when I stated I was unhappy with the product and did not want it. And because I was foolish and did not realize that these charges were being auto paid. I also made a huge mistake because I did not go to American Express immediately, so the period in which I can dispute any of the charges is long over. There simply seems nothing I can do to get my money back. And what did have to say? Their attorney said it wasn't their fault that I did not use their services!? Their claims department said that they would not refund me because the services were available once the web template was built for me. Even though I never used it, never posted it live to my domain and said I did not want it. How can companies get away with doing business like this? It's like test driving a car, deciding you don't want it, but because you drove it and provided your personal information you are forced to pay for it anyway. is truly corrupt and has no interest in customer satisfaction whatsoever.

Dec 29, 2014

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