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Walmart refused to refund my money for money orders within one minute of purchasing them. They have my $500 cash and $200 camera and refuse to refund

On January 29, 2015 I paid for a $500 Moneygram money order as I have every month for the last four years at the Stuart, FL Walmart. Walmart associate Ashley misunderstood and gave me one for $400 and another for $100. Within 10 seconds, I immediately requested to exchange them for one $500 money order. I was instructed to make the money orders out to Walmart. When Ashley put it in the system, Certegy sent a message that they would not guarantee the checks. The three customer service managers and two assistant managers spent more than two hours trying to figure out what to do. I suggested that I sign over the checks and let one of the managers try to cash them with their information. They refused. I finally called the Stuart police and filed a report of theft. At one point, a Walmart associate put me on the phone with a representative from Certegy. I asked why they would not approve the checks, especially since I had never bounced a check or been accused of fraud in my life. They said it may have been because I tried to cash them too quickly. I asked them to override it and they refused. They told me that Walmart could cash them if they wanted to and they also told that to the Walmart associate. Walmart refused. Certegy then suggested that I take the checks to a check cashing store to see if maybe they would honor the checks that were made out to Walmart. I explained that I had no identification that would authorize me to cash a check made out to Walmart. After 2.5 hours, I finally left the store without money orders or my $500. No one at the store or Certegy offered me any kind of resolution or follow-up information. I left my contact information and no one has attempted to contact me.
On another occasion, I returned a $200 camera in an unopened box. The associate was confused about the transaction, so I left the camera and my phone number so that the manager could call me the next day. No one called. When I called the store, the camera had disappeared and Walmart kept the $200 that I had spent. Customer service manager, Linette witnessed both thefts.

The six Sam Walton heirs are worth a combined $148.8 billion. ( As of March, 2014, they had the same wealth as the bottom 42% of American families combined. Walmart associates, in comparison, have been risking arrest in their fight for $25, 000 a year for full time work. American taxpayers pay $62 billion for food stamps and other public assistance that Walmart workers need to survive, ( because Walmart workers earn 40% less than their counterparts at Costco and Walmart refuses to give the majority of it's workers a full time job.

On top of all this, America's wealthiest family has to outright steal from people like me because 150 billion just isn't enough for them.

Jan 31, 2015
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      22nd of Feb, 2015

    They technically didn't steal anything from you.

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