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On 5/06/2017 @ 1420. I loaded $160.00 on my money card. Drove out of town to destination. Could not use moneycard at hotel. Called the call center spoke with a reprersenative of walmart. I stated it to her that my card did not show balance. I was told that there was some issues going on. I told the represenative that i was out of town with my family and we need our money to pay for hotel. Represenative apologized but stated it was nothing she could do. I called back 2 more times after that. I told them walmart was stealing my money. I had to pay $3.00 to use card and place my money on the card.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Minden, LAThey never told me at any time that i would not be able to use card at any time. My money was not availiable until 1030 p.M. On 5/06/17. This caused myself, my wife and children hardship. Being out of town and not able to use my money that i place on a card that i brought. Walmart stole/borrow my money for 9 hours and gave it to me when they got ready. This is totally not acceptable for customers to go through such embarrassment and hardship. We could not pay for our hotel room on check in. Walmart should be ashamed of themselves to do this to someone. It is down right wrong. This company is totally unprofessional and uncaring about there customers.

May 06, 2017

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