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My daughter, who worked at Walmart years ago, has a serious eating disorder and is on disability. At that time, she was bravely trying to work, becoming more weak and thin. Long story short, she tried to take a basket of groceries out the door. A year or two later, she went in another nearby Walmart where she then lived and tried to take food again. Both times, my daughter was starved and was waiting for insurance companies and travel to go to eating disorder facilities (there are none in my state and there were very few counselors who can help). Long story short, she has gone to counseling for years. She and her therapist wrote letters to Walmart and Hastings, where she had stolen. Hastings understood my daughter has a problem and decided to give her another chance. Walmart, on the other hand, has coldly told her no, they will not lift the no trespass order". Since then, my daughter has slipped into depression and her condition is very serious!.

I wrote Walmart and tried to tell them about eating disorders and that my daughter is a very good person with a very bad illness!. I am very disappointed that Walmart would react that way'. Can't they see that she wasn't even in her right mind when she did those things? What part of sick do they not understand? She has done her part and worked hard, even when there are no ED facilities here, . Her therapist believed she was ready to deal with shopping again, . Even criminals do their time and then are out of jail to live freely again:. Walmart has labeled my daughter a bad person and has done irreparable harm to her recovery!. If she dies, I hope their management can live with it.

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  • Ki
      17th of Apr, 2012

    I am not saying they caused her eating disorder, she had that before she was stealing. I am complaining about their lack of understanding.

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  • Sk
      17th of Apr, 2012

    If your daughter dies (I can't believe, as a parent, you would even write that) it wouldn't be Wal-Mart's fault - she has a psychological problem. And Wal-Mart has NOT labelled her a "bad person", as you claim - Wal-Mart's decision is based on her bad ACTIONS.
    Your daughter shoplifted - and thus, broke the law. Wal-Mart is well within their rights to ban her from their store.

    I'm sure you and her therapist(s) want her to get better, but part of being an emotionally healthy adult is accepting accountability and responsibility for your actions. I'm not hearing that she has shown any responsibility at all...just that she (and you) feel that, because she's trying to get better, should be forgiven for her actions. That's not helping her. You said "Even criminals do their time and then are out of jail to live freely again..." - but how did your daughter "do HER time"? Being sick is not a "get out of jail free" card. And you are incorrect; people with a criminal record have a lot of limitations and exclusions in life once they are released.

    If she wants to get better, and show Wal-Mart she is willing to "do her time" on the shoplifting, then she should stop asking them to give her a break, and offer to work off the damages. She could offer to clear their parking lot of shopping carts for two weeks, or deliver their flyers to homes. That would show maturity, and an understanding of how her actions affected other people.

    If she keeps expecting other people to forgive her crimes because she is sick, she'll never get healthy.

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  • Ma
      17th of Apr, 2012

    From what you wrote, Walmart did not put a "no trespass" order on your daughter the first time she stole. So they did, in fact, give her another chance, and she stole again. Why aren't you mad at her "therapist" who thought she was ready to try shopping again? If this person had not said that, perhaps your daughter would not have stolen from Walmart again.

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