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Walmart / walmart is a junk! don't buy gold/silver jewelry!

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My wife, Maria, bought two sets of earrings at Walmart in upper Hamilton, Ontario, in October 2006 just before she left on a two month trip overseas... Since the items were in a bubble-pak, she could not try them on at the store, but took them with her overseas... When she went to try them on, the studs of the earrings turned out to be too short to make them useful for any more than notepad tacks, or, stud earrings for the gills of a fish...

Since, she was out of the country for more than a month, the store return policy is useless... Don't buy gold/silver jewelry at "Walmart" ! It's junk!

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  • Sh
      5th of Feb, 2007
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    I purchased a humidifier for my little boy's room. It worked properly for about four days before the water level stopped going down and began making noises that seemed potentially dangerous.

    I took it back to their customer service department where I was promptly told that this was a seasonal item which they had sold out of. The clerk as if I had the box it came it or a receipt. Well, I didn't purchase the item expecting it to malfunction, so no..I had neither of those items. I wasn't asking for my money to be returned, I just wanted another humidifier. If they had no more of the same kind in stock, I would take another brand and simply pay the difference. I was basically told "sucks to be you".

    So, from now on.I'll go to Target to buy any appliance type merchandise because Wal-Mart evidently believes that I should count on anything I buy from them to be faulty, therefore I should keep the box and the receipt in just such a case.

    Hey, Walmart've lost touch with the people who make your business run successfully. Target stores and other discount stores thank you for your willingness to admit you sell worthless CRAP!

  • Da
      16th of Apr, 2007
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    I hate to say this but I think both of your complaints are BS !!

    EVERYONE knows that Wal-Mart will basically take back ANYTHING sometimes including items they dont even sell.

    I personally have seen this done. And though their 90 day policy on returns is in place, its just a general idea and on most occasions the stores will at a minimum issue a gift card for the exchange price. However, it is ultimately the CONSUMERS responsibility to keep your receipts, therefore whining about taking an item back when you yourself haven't been responsible just makes your claims even more childish. Hypocritical is the word Im thinking. Dont b**ch and moan if you dont take your own responsibility as well.

    If you had come into such a situation as you say, all you had to do was insist on speaking to an Assistant Manager, or someone above them. Wal-Mart mgt will all but bend over backwards to keep the customers coming back.

    Ive seen a customer return a $200 kayack to our store with no reciept and the MGT told the service desk to give them CASH BACK... turns out the kayack wasnt sold at our store but at a local outdoor supply company in town.

    I just saw the other day... receipts for a return done on a $345 XBox console... no receipt... CASH BACK

    So maybe the store where you went gave you a hard time, or maybe the cashier seriously had an issue, but thing is if you had taken responsibility and asked for MGT (not CSM or dept mngrs) You might have received your exchanges..a store gift card (which with no receipt, the store is only obligated to give you the SALE price of the item) and or even CASH BACK.

    Keep in mind, dude with the earrings...some items are considered to be health risks and may not be returnable...and you probably shouldve found a different way to get your money back such as contacting the company that made the earrings. Once again it comes down to the customer being ultimately responsible in their actions as well. Ask your wife if she would want to buy a pair of earrings, that someone else had placed in their ears first... thats just disgusting. And if she didnt take the time to look at the back of the stubs, which on most packaging Ive ever seen, you can clearly see the sizing of the posts..some are made shorter on purpose for smaller children and or those with skinnier earlobes, then I cant imagine she has a complaint to stand on. I cant imagine earrings that weren't clearly accessible for her to see, and are wrapped in bubble packaging weren't very costly in the first place and she should take her $3 gold plated crap and be happy, shes got some cute little notepad tacks... right ?

    RESPONSIBILITY !! Think about it people !!

  • Je
      16th of Apr, 2007
    -1 Votes

    Anything anyone buys from walmart is junk. If it's a walmart specific brand, it's junk. Walmart stinks.

  • Pa
      16th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    Walmart merchandise is exactly what it is... quality wise and pricewise. Shoppers should not expect to purchase "high end jewelry" at a Walmart store. High end jewelry involves a lot of craftmanship... e.g diamonds must be cut to certain specifications, metals of the highest quality must be used in design of the item ..."craftmanship and design", not mass produced materials "that just barely pass quality control inspection". I am not surprised that the jewelry purchased did not meet the client's expectations.

  • No
      1st of Nov, 2008
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    first of all, I want to agree with dawni.
    I have NEVER had an issue returning something at walmart.
    well, I shoudn't say never had an "issue" but I've NEVER been refused.
    They DO take EVERYTHING back REGARDLESS of reciept, timeframe, price, and within reason, condition of product. You can almost destroy a product and return it for exchange or full refund.

    I bought a book for my mother for her birthday. I got confused about the author's name, and ended up buying a harlequin book. I got home before I realized it was the wrong author, and went back to exchange it. The cashier gave me a rediculously hard time returning it. (I blame PMS, cuz she was a real ###. I think I got her fired that day too. I've never seen her again.) I refused to accept "no" for an answer, as I had only been in possession of the book for 2 hours. Their policy is not to return reading materials as you can read them, and no longer have use for it. Walmart is not a library! However, after speaking to the CSM (who I found out was as useless as the cashier in the first place), then speaking to the store's GM, they concluded I couldn't have read an entire novel in 2 hours and decided to give me a gift card instead of cash, even though I had a reciept.

    I have also bought headphones, used them for 3 or 4 months, broke them, and exchanged them for "defect".

    I also was doing some returns at a few stores, and I had bought diapers at zellers when they were on sale. I bought 5 boxes. my kid outgrew them by the end of box 4. so I had a box of diapers that were too small for him now. I knew they were from zellers, but figured I'd try to exchange them at walmart.
    The cashier scanned them, barcode of course did not register in their system. She says to me: "are you sure you bought them here?" I said "no, not sure at all." she said "ok. I'll have to give you last sale price, on a gift card. is that ok?" I said "could I just exchange them for same product but bigger size?" she says "sure. you can go pick the product and bring it back here, and I'll swap it for you."

    I have also managed to weasel my way into returning opened console games. its a rather easy exploit. Buy it, burn it. take it back, say it doesn't work. they exchange it for a new 1 NOT opened. Now the tricky part. Lose your reciept, and return it w/o reciept. they give you gift card. buy something new.

    So to conclude, Walmart may sell "cheap" products, but they sell them at a "cheap" price. Dont expect EVERYTHING in that store to last a lifetime. You get what you pay for! but also dont knock them. its probably the best store in terms of customer service on the planet.

    I had an issue at zellers. I wanted to return something I bought the day before WITH a reciept.
    they refused to give me cash because I paid with my debit card.
    or rather, I paid with my WIFE's Debit card.
    I did not have my wife's debit card on me, and she wasn't with me. they refused to return it. they said I could exchange it, or take store credit, OR they could refund it to the SAME Debit card.
    I told them to refund it to MY card, because we have a joint bank account, so it makes absolutely NO difference. I spoke to 2 managers who basically told me to go [censored] my hat.

    you wanna knock a store, knock zellers.

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