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Ok we were in the check out line and my mom could not find one item on her list which was butane she asked the lady that was checking us out well come to found out she had to ask someone else, no problem well it was in with the camping stuff????odd ok anyway my mom or I could not make it back that far to get it, I must say there was 3 other checkers just standing around talking doing nothing that could of gone back and got it for her but they didn't not I was so mad bye the time we left I told my mom we would never shop there again.

Aug 16, 2016
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  •   Aug 16, 2016

    If that's the only WalMart in town, I'm betting you will shop there again. You say that because you are upset. Now first, if there was no one else in line behind you that would make a difference. Your mom could have told the cashier she would just push her stuff back and wait until YOU went back and got it. If someone else came up they could go ahead and check out. No use in depending on someone else to do it for you unless you are disabled. Secondly, you could have gone ahead and checked out and one of you could have sat down in the benches they have up front and waited for you to get it and check out. Thirdly, and FOREMOST, why did you wait until you got to the checkout to ask. Find someone working in the store and ask them. There are so many things you could have done, but did not. Excuses to blame someone else and WalMart is just too easy these days. Show some maturity and common sense plus logic.

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  • Mi
      Aug 16, 2016

    The camping department is exactly where I would have expected to find the butane. The time to look for an item on your list is before you get in line. I find it illogical that you would expect a nearby cashier to run and fetch your item. First, how are they suppose to make the selection for you? There are different sizes/brands/prices, you know. Second, you are assuming they are allowed to leave their post. I would not make such a ridiculous assumption. Cashiers have to make arrangements to even take a bathroom break, yet you assume they can just walk away from the register at a drop of a hat, to fetch you in item out in the store. Bottom line: your sense of entitlement is very strange. Sounds like you need a reminder: you were at WALMART! As already pointed out to you, the thing to do was push your stuff aside if another customer came while you or your mom went to retrieve the item. Failing that, you could have gotten the item and gotten in line, if you had wanted it so badly. But your expectations of a cashier being empowered to leave their post and make a purchase selection for you is not right. And I agree, you will be back to Walmart in no time.

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  • St
      Aug 16, 2016

    You're completely out of line. That Walmart employee is not on your personal payroll. They are not your little go fetch boy . Who checks out while they still need to find more things? What an entitled jerk

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  • St
      Aug 16, 2016

    im sorry, do you pay that Walmart employee ? No, so why does he/she need to run your errands

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