Walmart / automotive service center

Wal-Mart is now bullying its customers with another bait and switch tactic!
I went to my local Wal-Mart Automotive Service Center on 3/2/16 to purchase a new battery for my car. First I asked them to test my current battery and when it failed I said I would like to purchase one of their $50 ValuePower batteries.
The serviceman went inside then came back saying that he cannot sell me one of the ValuePower batteries because my car "requires" a more expensive battery at more than double the price. (going into some detail of their legal responsibilities and the $50 batteries do not meet the requirements for my car)
I had to go inside and purchase a VP-65 battery and install it myself and it fits and works perfectly!
You have to also understand that the car I was purchasing the battery for that had these punitive requirements was a 97 Ford T-Bird with a V8. (not a car with any extreme electrical requirements)
I called Ford to get the technical specifications and SURPRISE...
The VP-65 that I had to install myself met Ford's specifications precisely!!!
This kind of bait and switch garbage is intolerable and Wal-Mart is now off my list for anything having to do with their auto service center.

Mar 03, 2016

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