I decided to make an appointment at the Walgreens Clinic at 3920 Hampton Avenue, Saint Louis Missouri because I've had an earache for the past 2 weeks. The woman who took all of my information was small, had glasses and brown hair. She looked at my face and said, "since you're so swollen I don't think we'll be able to help you..." despite me saying I think I have an ear infection, can you check my ear.

I went out into the waiting area, puzzled because I've been treated for severe ear infections at a Walgreens clinic before. They called my name and I went into the other room to be seen by the primary physician, and she immediately started telling me that they wouldn't be able to help me. She touched my lymphnodes and said, "this isn't from an ear infection. I'm not going to look into your ear, because if I don't find an ear infection, we will have to refer you anyway. Since it's swollen lymph nodes you probably need to see a specialist."

She didn't look in my ear or anything (even though I told her that it felt like every other time I've had an ear infection... and that it started right after I got out of the shower one day and my ear felt clogged like swimmers ear).

So after wasting an hour there and calling off work because I was in excruciating pain and they didn't help me at all, I drove 45 minutes to my primary care physician in Arnold near my hometown. Not to mention I was freaking out that I had something way worse than an ear infection due to the Walgreens' comment about me having to see a specialist and not even checking my ear for infection.

Once at my primary care physicians office, I was taken care of immediately and out within 20 minutes. Guess what - I have an ear infection. My physician told me to immediately call and complain about my experience at the Walgreens clinic I went to because I had minimal swelling, no fever, no nausea, and my ear hurt and she refused to check my ear. My physician said she was very disappointed that I was turned away because while she knows Walgreens is limited with what they can treat, ear infections are certainly one of them.

This has been the worst experience I've ever had with a healthcare personnel. I will never return to a Walgreens clinic, and I will tell my friends not to waste their time at one either. Prior to this I've had no problems at Walgreens clinics, but after this visit I'm not willing to give them another chance.

May 29, 2018

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