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Wal Mart Santa Maria Ca Location / customer service

1 BETTERAVIA, Santa Maria, CA, United States

So I get my cell phone wet last nite, and erosion sets in fast, and as luck would have it today it powers down and wont turn on! I''m a very busy person like most of us in todays mainstream buisness world, so with out my phone im a sitting duck and will cost me money with every call missed! So I move fast to my local WAL MART where my phone is from, in a panic i go back to electronics where i can get my new phone, of course there locked and i need assistance, theres a female associate there and when i ask her for help she tells me shes on a break but she will get sumone to help me, wich she does and gets back on her cell phone with her personal call on the sales floor! This next associate DOES NOT look happy about being introduced to me and my request for a cell phone! I tell her i have this hundred dollar straight-talk phone thats not working right cause it got wet, so i need another one fast cause im expecting some important calls ! I then also ask her if she can turn it on with my pre excisting number, she very fast says ''you need to turn it on online at your own home! I knew this was a false statment because iv'e had this problem in the past and the other associates of the past were very freindly and represented WAL MART well, and activated by phone with straight talk representives in a matter of minutes! I then asked her are you refusing to help me with request ? She then handed me to yet another assiociate named Brandon, now this is where it really goes crazy ! Brandon is not in a good mood at all, and i can tell he does NOT want anything to do with this AT ALL ! the red headed associate tells Brandon what im requesting and he starts the same song and dance about how i need to do this myself at my house!! i explain to brandon i know this is not true and asked him could he please help me activate my phone i just purchached from them!! Brandon slowly opens the box and looks at it and turns it around and says little sarcastic remarks of this and that ! brannon then gets on the phone like hes trying to do somthing about getting this resovled, this last for about a minute, then brandon says im going to lunch this associate here will help you !! he sets the phone down and leaves !!! Well the assocate he is refuring to is really busy helping cutomers and has a line of four more customers waiting, '' im like i dont belive this !!! In my mind i want a refund for this phone and i need to talk to a manger, as im leaving the electronics department, low and behold a associate is walking my way from the front of the store I say excuse me mam im trying to locate a manager?? I think her name is Nattalie ! she says ''YOUR LOOKING AT ONE !WHAT DO YOU NEED???? I told her everything that happened and i would like a refund on my phone ! she said ''go to the front and get it!!! and left !!!
I went to the front and gave the assocate there the phone box and recipte and told her nattlie said to come up her and get my refund! She called Nattalie on the phone and you could here nattliesay ''TELL HIM IM BUSY''
by this time the red headed lady came up front and said ''o'' u want your money back, cause we wont help you turn it on!!! ''she laughs and walks away'' NOW IF THIS DIDNT HAPPEN TO ME I WOULDNT HAVE BELIVED IT!!! After 20 molre minutes went by i finnaly got my money back and left, no better off than i was when i went in the WAL MART !!! So I'm ''NOT'' going to let this go !! IM NOT GOING TO LET BIG BUISNESS THINK THEY ARE GOING TO GET AWAY WITH TREATING ME OR ANYONE ELSE LIKE THAT!!! I'm going to get the word out untill it is handled i felt belittle, disrespected, and embarresed !!!

very un-happy customer !!! les

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