Waffle Housespecial treatment

I have been a dedicate employee of Waffle House 1057 for five years. I've seen a lot throughout the time I've been here. But nothing compares to what's been going on these last couple of months. There are two particular employees that have a friendship/relationship with the area manager. They brag daily about how no matter what they do they will not lose their job due to the friendship/relationship they have with the area manager. They have threatened at least three different employees one which actually happened with the unit manager standing feet away. Nothing was done. They take orders give customers a price take the money an put it in their pocket. They have so many people that complain almost daily about them an nothing happens the unit manager, district manager, division manager an area manager acts like these two do nothing wrong. They actually should have lost their jobs along time ago but when you have a special connection with someone like the area manager it doesn't matter what you do. This unit is going into the ground because of the management and they are willing to lose faithful employees to keep the ones that are there only for a paycheck

May 31, 2018

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