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Fultondale, AL, United States
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I always get the same 5$ meal to go which contains a sandwich & I'm charged 40 cent to add egg. About a week ago I went in on 3rd shift around 11pm to get my same order & was charged the on the side price of 2.00 for my egg on my sandwich. I explained that it is always 40 cent on my sandwich not 2 $ even explained that its approx 1.50$ to add bacon to a sandwich why would it be 2$ for 1 egg but the older cashier was rude & did not budge so I paid since my food was already made and I just didn't tip like I normally would. Went back then next night different cashier & she confirmed that I should've been charged 40 cent. Fast fwd a couple nights, went back in & the first older lady who charged the 2$ was in there. When I went to place my same 5$ order she told me "we don't do the 5$ menu anymore" even though the menu was out on the table. So I said my words & left without ordering. This was retaliation for me being right about the egg price because I went right outside & asked the cashier smoking do y'all still sell the 5$ meals & she said yes. Felicia needs to be retrained in customer service or fired. Not only was she rude & wrong but she purposely gave false information to a customer which caused the company to lose money that night & future business because I will never go back to that store again. Ppl like her is why Waffle House has a bad name in some circles even though its a good company. I worked at the WH in Irondale AL for 2 years & I never just straight up lied to a customers face about their menu options, & then that same night I went right over to the WH in downtown Birmingham & ordered the same 5$ meal with no issues & was charged 40 cent for my egg without having to clarify.

Sep 21, 2017

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