Waffle Houseservice

On Thursday 9/27 I came to Waffle House with two friends. We frequent this Waffle House, as we also work in the service industry and by the time work is over there aren't many options available for food. We love the security guard, the cooks, and most of the servers. However, there's always one server who seems to have an issue with us. We tip well, $11 on our $30 check last night alone, and being in the service industry we aren't troublesome, so I don't understand the lady's issue. Her name is Andrea and on this specific occasion we literally listened to her bad mouth us to another customer, that was fine we were just going to finish eating and leave, until she took the plates out from under us while we were actively eating off of them. Fork in hand my plate was removed with over half of a waffle still on it. Clearly there was no manager in the building or I would've tried to address this issue when it was happening.

Sep 28, 2018

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