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To whom this concerns, my family and I patronize the Waffle House #155, 10389 Airline Highway, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70816. Upon coming into the restaurant, I noticed that the floors was not clean. After seating down the table was not clean so I wiped it off with a napkin. Our server was very rude and unconcerned on taking our orders. My wife ordered a sausage and omelet and it didn't even look like an omelet. (I have the picture as well.) Our server never came back to our table, did not refill our drinks and was telling the other co-workers, she had enough of this today and was ready to go. I'm guessing she was a manager or assistant manager. The other employees was talking about personal business with each other and they were loud and didn't care about none of the customers in the restaurant. Our food was lukewarm and not hot as it should have been. Another employee came to work, clocked in and just stood behind the counter while our server just left. I'm a very professional man and I work for the Adams County Sheriff's Office in Natchez, Mississippi and we were visiting Baton Rouge for the weekend with family and I never experienced such unprofessionalism in a long time. It's very displeasing for this restaurant display a poster board in the window saying, "The BEST Waffle House in Baton Rouge". We see differently. Other employees was trying to teach another one how to cook the food while we were there. We saw burned bacon and waffles go in the trash. We also watched as the manager cooked her own macaroni and chesee with hot dogs and offered it to the employees. The employeesecond declined and she said out loud, "We'll it's going to be good in my stomach." From this experience, this Waffle House #155 employees, managers and management needs training. I been to plenty of Waffle Houses across this country and never once had I or my family had anything negative to say but today was the absolute worse! My name is Derrick J. Freeman, email is [protected] and my cell phone number is [protected]. Please feel free to contact me at anytime. Thank you for time and consideration in this matter.

Waffle House
Waffle House

Jun 10, 2018

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