Waffle Housemanagement and salesperson

The salesperson Marilyn took my order, grill OP Alex was making my order the way I get it Everytime I come in. Marilyn came up to the grill op Alex, and was cursing him about my order, when Alex tried to say something about how my order was made, she kept cursing at him saying "you need to listen to the salesperson because they are the ones that take the [censored] order. Alex closed the cooler hard instead of fighting back, Manager Kevin told him to clock out and get off his floor. The boy just lost his child and grandfather within 24 hours at the same time. Alex did not deserve the disrespect he got. Kevin didn't even say one word to Marilyn about her actions in front of the other customers like my self. Something needs to be done. People like that is the reason nobody wants to come here.

May 27, 2018

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