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Regarding the waffle house location at 101 Brook Ln, Spring Lake, NC 28390. This store has to be the absolute worst waffle house I've been in. Granted the typical WH food is nothing to speak about anyway however, this store takes it to a new level of nasty. I have frequented this location several times over the past month each time hoping it gets better but it doesn't. now the staff is nice enough and the place is well its a waffle house what can I say but, The food is below sub par. Each time I've been in its progressively worse. I generally visit this store around 6am and the crew on s hift has been there al lnight and complaining about the hours and how tired they are and it shows when you order and the food is floating in grease that is coating the bottom of the plate/bowl and was scraped from the grill so that there are crunchy black pieces of grill brick that are included (free of charge) from where the person at the grill was cleaning it and didn't bother to wipe it off and just scrapped it with te same spatula they then use to prepare your food. The same food that when brought to the table is A. floating in grease, B. undercooked ( egg white still clear and runny on an over medium?) and the bread and or biscuit with a burnt ring around the edge. Not to mention the EXTRA Crispy bacon that is barely cooked and soggy and droops when you pick it up. There is a SERIOUS lack of decent food at that location and needs to be address before someone else gets sick like I did a week ago after leaving the WH and heading straight home and to the bathroom where i was sitting on it for the next 20 minutes before going to the clinic. This location is ABSOLUTELY UNSAT food is not only gross its dangerous. Eating grill brick and old nasty oil with god knows what else in it not to mention the undercooked food is in no way acceptable or safe.

Jul 25, 2018

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