Waffle Housecall in order

K Nov 23, 2017

I attempted to call in a order for my boss and myself. The CSR answer then placed me on hold 10 whole minutes I had the speaker phone on why I continue to do my work. I even call back on a different number just to see if I can get some assistance which the operating line was busy. This was on a holiday for Thanksgiving so the inconvenience of having to leave work wait to order food to be able to go back to the office it was such an inconvenience. When I arrived at the location, I think that it was jam-packed that was the reason for the long hole they only had four customers sitting down waiting to eat five to go orders which day relieving when I arrived there was no reason for me to be on hold for 10 minutes without anyone analogy mean that they were going to come back to the phone. The cashier was very nice she looked when she was taking my order with no type of enthusiasm. she didn't even ask if I needed any condiments. Poor customer service. I would never return to this Waffle House again.

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