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Wachovia Bank / scam charges

1 Sarasota, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 800-9226842

Recently I attempted to get clarification on over draft fees charged to my account by Wachovia Bank. I got the same explanation from every person I spoke to. Apparently, if you have transactions already deducted from your available balance and due to post the next business day Wachovia can/will kick the transactions back to take money out for a HOLD transaction. This of course results in lining their pockets with all the insufficient funds fee for each transaction made before the HOLDing transaction was placed.

When I asked for full refund on the 4 NSF charges I was told that they did nothing wrong, but offered a refund on 20% (that's only $28 of $140). I just don't get it. I even wrote to Wachovia's correspondence department fighting these charges and the answer from them was that they did nothing wrong.

I asked the numerous customer service representatives why and how a transaction that is HOLDING can override the transactions already made and deducted from my account and due to post on the same day the HOLD was placed can cause all of these charges. I was never able to get a straight answer, on their system it showed that the charges were correct, but when I told them over and over again why then does THEIR online service show my transactions clearing then AFTER they've cleared the over draft fees totaling $140 show up. HMMM, no one can explain this.

So after all of this I get stuck paying them $175 in over draft fees and causes a snowball effect on my end because money I was counting on is being stolen by Wachiovia's bad business tactics to make money.

My latest and greatest problem I'm having with them is that they are honoring transactions made on an EXPIRED debit card. A card that was no longer valid on 06/30/08. Yet they posted a transaction made with this very card on 07/25/08, almost a month after the card expired. Oh, yes... it generates more overdraft fees for them.

I called the customer service line to ask if it is normal business practices to honor transactions made with EXPIRED cards and was not able to get a straight answer. I got a legal answer claiming if i authorized the transaction then it's possible to a transaction to be posted. I'm sorry, if the card is expired why would I authorize a transaction to made on it??

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  • Va
      22nd of May, 2008
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    I recently had NSF Fees charged to my account and they could have been avoided, if they had placed them in another order in which they were deducted from my account, as there were Sufficient Funds in the account to cover the payments, all except one, but instead they deducted the payments in such a way as to insure that they would get the absolute maximum amount of NSF Fees that they could possibly get from my account... I asked them about it and was told that they usually charge accounts for the larger amounts first and then the others, which is a very POOR excuse for doing what they did in this case... I have complained about this to them, but it does NO GOOD!!! Supposedly they are suppose to HELP people with managing there Money and try to Save them also, but they sure do not show it here with what they did with me... They are only out to take your Money and nothing more, they are Thieves and something needs to be done about it... I have had other circumstances with them also involving similar problems with NSF Fees charged without any regards for Senior Citizens, as they get Paid only once per month and they seem to pick them out of all of the others and harass them with charges and multiple Fees, etc... I even had a Overdraft Protection with them and all of a sudden I now do not have it for NO Reason of my knowledge, they just canceled it and now I cannot get it again... so they charge me for the Full amount of NSF Fees...
    Wachovia Bank, I have seen by others and myself, is a very BAD Bank to do business with, and I suggest that everyone remove themselves from it and Do Not have anything to do with them, as also I will be doing this, shortly from now...

  • An
      23rd of Feb, 2009
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    On December 9, 2008 I attempted to withdrawl $70.00 from an atm. The atm did not give me any money because of insuffient funds. When I checked my Wachovia Bank account a withdrawal for Columbas Bank of $72.50 was deducted from my checking account on 12/09/2008 along with an NFS charge. I called Wachovia and explained to them that I never received the $70.00 from the atm. They enouraged me to fill out a Check Card Dispute Form and went ahead and reimbursed me for the $72.50 and the $35.00 NSF charge. On Jan. 6, 2009 I again noticed the same charge of $72.50 atm withdrawal. So I called Wachovia again and they said that they researched my dispute and found that there was no machine malfunction and that the transaction was completed. I called 1-866-415-2029 to ask them to research this again until my dispute was relsolved they referred me the the Columbus Bank where I used the atm on 12/09/2008. So I called Columbus Bank and they said that no money was missing and that I got my money. I had to explain to Columbus Bank that I know no money was missing from the ATM because I didn't get any money out of the ATM because of insuffient funds!!! Columbus Bank said that I would have to be reimbused for the $72.50 from Wachovia and that instead of filing a Check card Dispute file a Dispute for Fraud and that way they will get the video from the ATM and see that I didn't get any money. So AGAIN...I called 1-866-415-2029 and after an hour and explaining myself to more than four Wachovia representatives they finally put me on the phone with a man that simply said I was not getting my money back and I could not file a fraud dispute because there was no machine malfunction. My next step is to file a police report and try try again. It is not even about the money about the lack of respect. No one will help now I am going to have to take my lunch hour and go to Wachovia Bank to try and get my money back because of the principal of the matter. It shouldn't have to be this hard.

  • Jo
      23rd of Feb, 2009
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    Well Wachovia Bank is no longer around any more. get a hold of the bank that now in charge of it. And probably the ATM messed up.

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