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Approximately two months ago, I began receiving phone calls - sometimes twice a day - from Wachovia asking for someone I did not know. They were told that I was not the person they were seeking, and I was assured that my phone number would be deleted from their list.

Yesterday, these phone calls started up again asking for the same person as before. I have been called twice today. I returned the call and told them I was not the person they wanted, and that I did not know this person. And once again I was assured that my phone number would be deleted. What else can I do to stop these phone calls?

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  • Db
      Jun 13, 2009

    They call, almost always early on a Saturday morning, demanding to know when we're going to make our payment when we are still in the GRACE period. We've never had a late charge! (It's always within the grace period depending on our paydays. They can see that.)

    And they're incredibly rude...they make it sound like you're a deadbeat. They say "You ARE late and we have a right to know when we're going to get paid." This doesn't sound like 'grace' to me.

    So we're going to refinance this house...simply to get Wachovia to leave us alone. (and we'll get a better rate doing it.) I was just wondering if anyone else was frustrated by them.

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