Vonsunethical behaviour

To whom it may concern.

Yesterday Monday 01/30/17 I went grocery shopping in your Burbank store. I regularly do my shopping in this store as it is right by my house. However on about 7 occasions in the past couple of months when I am buying alcohol I come into a bit of confusion with your staff when handing over my Irish drivers licence picture ID. I am always greeted with rudeness from your staff and a 'power trip' attitude stating they cannot accept any form of ID other than a CA licence or a passport and that's that!! This then leads to me speaking with the store manager as I will not carry my passport with me grocery shopping, this is outrageous to ask and I do not have a CA license as I am not from CA. When voicing the disappointment and embarrassment I am caused to the store manager, every time without fail they apologise profusely and let me know the employees should be aware an International picture licence is more than acceptable, and we then move on.

However Yesterday Monday 01/30/17 I was absolutely appalled by the way I was treated in front of other customers by your employee and one of your managers KAREN D (not the store manager, who usually resolves the situation, Karen informed me there was no Store manager on that day) I was asked (as usual) by your cashier for my ID, I showed my Irish ID (as usual) and was told in a very abrupt manner 'I cannot accept this ID' I replied with 'Well actually yes you can, in fact your store manger MERCY who I spoke with last time told me all I need to do is show you where my DOB is on the ID and assure you she said it is a valid means of ID'.

Your employee then, to my shock, put her hand up in front of my face and told me to stop what I was saying! I was speechless I had just been treated this way in front of other customers by an employee of yours. I then asked 'May I speak with your manager please" and the response I got was disgraceful 'No, I don't have to get the manager if I don't want to!' Again this shocked me even more as it is my right as a customer to speak with a manager of any store if I wish!

So I repeated my question and asked could I speak with the manager please.

Over comes KAREN D who from the get go was carrying a rude and not willing-to-listen demeanor. I told her I would like to speak with the store manger as I have dealt with a few different ones in this store every time this happens and they are more than helpful! However KAREN D was not willing to hear what I was saying and said 'If I don't want to accept your ID I don't have to. You should bring your passport with you! I will not serve you!' Again, I repeat, I should not have to bring my passport with me grocery shopping when I have a perfectly good photo ID with me. To say she was rude and unhelpful and most definitely on a power trip along with her employee who was serving me, is an understatement. I had to leave my food and the bottle of wine behind me in utter embarrassment as this all took place right in front of the whole store of customers.

I will never be shopping in any of your stores again and took my business straight away to Ralf's where there wasn't even a question asked when showing my ID. I would appreciate a response from you as soon as possible as I don't want to have to take this to social media (in which I have a large following ) if I don't!

Thank you

Jan 31, 2017

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