Vonsstore in corona on de la palma

Good morning, the vons in the shops at sycamore creek is about 7 years old. I remember when it was being built and when they had the grand opening. This store has gone down hill and its just not ok. You are one of the most expensive stores in the area and cant even stock a simple thing like milk on a daily basis. There are next to no employees in the entire store. Customers are getting so fed up that they are leaving their shopping carts in the isle and leaving to go do their grocery shopping someplace else. The employees are rude and act like we are bothering them if we ask a question. Last night was my final draw with this store and I refuse to go back. I went to the deli to purchase a roasted chicken. I looked at all of them they were dried and disgusting looking. The time that they were put out was listed as 1:15 pm it was not 6:05 pm. I asked the lady behind the counter if they were making any more chickens only to get a very smart a## remark back. She said no the case is full. I showed her that they all were old and she replied with a eye roll and said well I just got back from lunch so I dont know. I asked to speak with a manager one was not available but a supervisor did come up and apologize but that does not make up for normal items not being stock in the store, no staff, the store is filthily and disgusting. The meat counter is full of spoiled meat and the meat counter looks like it has not been cleaned since the store was open.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Corona, CA John the store manager is no where to be found ever. His staff looks like they are being stretched to their limit. I saw one employee eating her lunch while working because the store was so under staffed and she had no one to cover her lunch. This is not ok. Im following up with the labor board and the health department because there are so many issues in this store that management and corporate is turning a blind eye too. I do not work for vons but I will not support a business in my neighborhood that is doing unlawful business practices. Im so tired of going to your store on a sunday night or a holiday to find your store under staffed, unstocked and dirty. Its really not that hard to ensure that your store is stocked correctly and staffed for business. You always have more clearance items in your store that real merchandise. You would find that the community would start shopping at your store again if you got your act together. Until then sycamore creek and horsetheif canyon residence will continue to shop at stater bros down the freeway where they do care about their customers, have their shelves stocked and have baggers to bag our groceries. Unlike your vons store. I really hope that your bonus check is worth all the business you are loosing and will continue to loose. Not only are you letting the community down, you are failing your employees and as a corporation you are showing your true horrible greed for money and giving nothing back in return including stocking your shelves. Vons you suck

Jan 16, 2017

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