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San Diego Cali, US

So I was sitting outside and wanted to smoke a cigarette as I surmised would be a long shopping trip. There was commotion at the door, apparently somebody had shopliffted. He came to me after the commotion and expressed his disdain for the manager, to which I replied "don't steal". A few minutes y y showed up at which point the manager at the Vons garnet Avenue at about 7:30 pm on Monday December 6th told the security I was kicked out and I was the shoplifters friend. I asked if he would talk to me and he quickly turned a shoulder and walked away. I was very upset and plead my case to the security guards (one of which I've known for at least two yearz) I said can I at least talk to him, he's mistaken. It took a while and with the help of an employee that was on his way home, I asked him to grab the manager. When the manager came out he immediately said that I was not allowed in there for a previous incident. I inquired what that was an he said "I had been caught doing meth in the restroom". I do not do drugs and find this highly offensive, I was merely finishing a cigarette before I went in to go grocery shopping. I would appreciate a response to this.
Sean McNerney

Dec 05, 2016

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