Vons / not enough checkers always!! worst vons ever! please help!!

San Diego, CA, United States

Hello, not happy! this vons has been mismanaged since albertson's closed over 2 years ago. Corporate really should get involved and fix this store once and for all.

Sorry to offend those reading this and helping solve this but maybe you will feel my pain because i am going to use caps. Well, I tried!!! Please forward this to your supervisor, managers and all the way to the CEO!

i'm sure this is not the first complaint about this store. Nor will it be the last until someone takes action! do you hear me! pay attention and put some effort into solving this stores personnel and scheduling problems. Tonights schedule! only 3 checkers, are you serious! even your workers are appalled.

I walked out leaving my basket full of my groceries.

I felt so sorry for the young man trying to buy some dinner tonight. Only 1 item to purchase. He walked out also and went to wendy across the street because he could not wait 25 minutes to buy his chicken.

13 june 2017 @ 8:40pm
no manager on duty. Only a supervisor and 2 checkers.
Vons #2359
6555 mission gorge road, san diego, ca 92120

i have photos of tonights lines if you really want to see them. Actually, why don't you just look at the stores tapes to see for yourself.

Jun 13, 2017

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