Vonshorrible customer service

My husband and I were at your vons in Torrance California on Crenshaw and lomita. Our cashiers name was Glenda I believe and she was horribly rude. Our card had been declined which in itself is embarrassing enough. We ended up having to put a few items back and she made several huge scenes infront of at least ten people marking sure everyone know how broke we were. First she announced loudly how the card didn't go through. Then we tried to leave the line so we could go out stuff back in the shelf and she yelled at us that we can't take the cart anywhere because our card was declined and we don't have money to pay for it. Then she made us go to the back of the line to figure out what we wanted to do. Again this was don't Infront of ten other customers. We were humiliated by what she did. Right after we left I called and talked to the manager and he didn't seem to care either. When I tried explaining what happened over the phone I could here him talking to someone else not even listening to the problem. I will never shop at another vons, pavilions, or Safeway again because of the lack of respect your employees have.

Jan 10, 2017

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