Vons / delivery service and customer service

henderson nevada, US

I am not 100 percent what is going on with customer service, between both the safeway stores and the VONS stores. I spend time on both coast and I spend a lot of money at your stores. I used to love Safeway and it has taken a nose dive lately, and well this last delivery with VONS was probably the straw that breaks the camels back. I posted the experience on facebook and was reassured that it was not only my having these issues. I can say that if the issue is deep seated and runs from coast to coast, the issue is with the leadership of the company. Customer service and excellence is a core value in many companies and this seems to have been lost in yours. I hope for the companies sake that you are able to fix your issues before companies like wegmans who focus on quality, price, and service take over your market. Once this happens it will be a slow and steady decline to demise. Customer service and excellence may cost a little more money, but the returns on this extra spend come back in the form of loyalty. Today between the call in customer service and the food delivery issue mixed with last weeks issue at the safeway store cost you a very loyal customer. I am sure as you look through my club cards you will see that I do spend a bit of money in your stores. Why do I bring this up, because if you got me to the point of actually complaining there are many others that are just going someplace else because they don't want to have to deal with it anymore.

Nov 22, 2016

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