Vons / by one package of chicken, get one free. product in package was not what was noted on the label.

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About Mar. 1, 2017, I selected one package labeled thigh and the other labeled breast, bone in. Lower priced being free. When I opened the packages to bake them, the thigh was one leg/thigh attached. and the other package was six wings, no breasts at all. All chicken pieces were seasoned.

The receipt was disposed of in the trash, but the price on the thigh/leg was $2.15 and the price on the packaged labeled breast with 6 wings instead of breast was labeled $1.84.

Since the wings are already in the oven, I won't ask for an actual breast, but suggest that whomever packages these products list exactly what the customer will discover when viewing the contents.

Mar 22, 2017

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