Vons Brawley, CApharmacy

I hate to complain about a pharmacy, especially cuz I was a pharmacy technician, but this pharmacy always has something wrong with my prescriptions! The wait time is always ridiculous! I call to check on the medicines I need and it's over an hour wait time everytime and that's at least 2 hours after it's been called in! They never call to let you know something is wrong, such as a medicine not being in stock or further verification with the doctor, or not even the fact that it is ready!! They never apologize either or try to make up for it with nice customer service, all of them look like they don't want to be there! Pharmacists stay behind their stations and hardly interact with patient's picking up meds.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Brawley, CA I know by law it's mandatory to consult on New RX's and the cashier's just ask if you've taken the medication before or sometimes don't say anything at all except hand you the medication that they finally have filled after waiting hours for!! I called to complain and the girl just explained to me they only prioritize prescriptions that patient's call to check in for, but I always have called and they give the same wait time! I know there's a process of filling prescriptions, but they have zero customer service or courtesy! My kids would've went all night without their meds today, had I not called 3 times to double check anyways despite them telling me they didn't have anything. I threatened to complain, I get put on hold, and suddenly they are sorry because my prescriptions are actually ready! After today, I'm transferring out.

Jan 26, 2017

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