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Vonage Home Service / Terrible customer service

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I got a phone from Vontage, I told the lady up front that I had satellite and she said that was ok. When i got the phone after messing with it for a few hours I called them and they told me if I had satellite that I wasn't able to use the phone. I asked why the lady didn't tell me up front the man's reply was I am not why she did that. Well, she didn't and they told me to hold on to the phone in the event i was moving. Well, I never moved and when i called them back to cancel after them taking 9.00 out of my account for several months. Well, when I asked for a supervisor they hung up on me. I have been on hold a total of 2 hours alone this morning. I held for 45 minutes before i even got to talk to anyone and then after 20 minutes they hung up on me. Then I started all over...


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N  2nd of Feb, 2007 by 
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Vonage Voip Phone Service - Think twice about choosing Vonage!
United States

I am writing this complaint in the hopes that others will read this and decide against purchasing Vonage. I am not new to VoIP, I have used AT&T Call Vantage for over a year and have been fairly happy. I decided to give Vonage a try because they offered a local number (I had moved since getting AT&T and they don't offer a local number where I am now) and they were a few dollars less a month. During my initial call I told the operator that I wanted a local number to which he told me that any 302 area code number was local. This is not true, calling from county to county is a local long distance call. The operator gave me a number that is two counties away and would cost evan more for my neighbor to call me than my current number. I called back and after trying to explain what I should have gotten I was told that I had to pay $10.00 to get a new number and if I wanted a credit he would transfer me to billing. I declined the credit and just wanted to hurry the process. During my initial call I also opted for the two day shipping which is the major complaint I have with Vonage.

After placing my order and changing the number I waited for my package to arrive so I could get things set up and cancel my current service. After the third day I called and was put on hold for over 20
minutes and then another 30 minutes to explain what my issue was I was transfered. When the woman answered the phone in an American accent and easily understood what I was saying she informed me that there was a shortage of the router I had ordered and she had "just" received an email about it. She told me that I could either wait or change to a different router. I choose to change and I was told to
expect the package on Wed. March 15. I had placed my order on the eighth with 2 day shipping and was now being told that it would be seven days total and I am getting a less expensive router. The
cheaper router was fine because it matches my two current Linksys routers and would stack with them. After no brown box on Wed. and none by 6pm on thursday I called again. I was put on hold for 15 minutes and had to hang up due to family needs. I called back after I took care of things here and had time and was quickly put in touch with an operator which after explaining my concerns transfered me to shipping to find out what the problem was. After sitting on hold for 10 minutes the call was disconnected. This was the final straw.

I called back and worked my way thru the automated menus to the cancel service menu which then told me to hold for an operator. I was mad so I put the phone on speaker and set it down to wait. Twenty minutes latter the man picked up and asked for the account number and then why I wanted to cancel. After my explanation he said O.K. and that he would cancel the order and refund me my money. I was shocked not to here a plea for me to continue with them, most companies don't like loosing business. I received an email notifying me of the refund and that my order was cancelled.

I was not looking for anything free or to get a perk or something for staying because I had already made up my mind that I wanted no part of Vonage. I was still shocked at the arrogance of the company not to care about keeping customers. After all happy customers make a company more money than unhappy customers.

Please think twice about choosing Vonage. They are not the only VoIP company out there.
N  10th of Jul, 2007 by 
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Vonage - Lack of service!
United States

We have not been able to receive incoming calls for 8 days now. Frequent calls to Vonage result in the reply that it has to do with the carrier, not Vonage, they cannot name or provide a contact for the carrier, and Vonage engineers are working on it.

Coincidentally, the day the problem began is the same day we were to switch to Comcast Digital Voice. I’ve spoken with Comcast three times and they assure me it has nothing to do with them. When I explain what has been going on, they tell me it sounds like a problem with Vonage and not the carrier.

On Sunday, July 7th, I spoke with a gentleman at Vonage who promised me he would follow up and get back to me with a status. He left a message on my voicemail at work yesterday telling me they were working on resolving the problem. A representative from Vonage called me later and said the problem had been resolved and she wanted me to call our number to confirm and she would call back in 10 minutes. I was in a meeting and could not call at that moment. I asked her to call me back in an hour. When I tried calling home, the problem had not been resolved. She never called back.

I left a message again today and have not yet received a reply.
A  28th of Jul, 2007 by 
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We signed up for Vonage and switched our number from Verizon because they offered a flat fee of $29.95. Somehow we got set up with 2 phone numbers (I remember being asked if there was anyone I called on a regular basis. I call my sister in AZ every day. I guess they set us up with an Arizona #). I called back on June 26th to request this to be removed and a credit issued. Why would we need an Arizona number in California, after all??? I was told by the woman that this would be taken care of and nothing further would need to be done on my part. Well, imagine my surprise this month when I pulled up my bank account and see that we got charged again for the 2 lines (the amount is $57.17). I called this afternoon and spoke to someone who tried to help but wouldn't transfer me to a supervisor. I asked him repeatedly to do so. He finally put me on hold (or so I thought) but then I ended up with a dial tone in my ear. So, I called back and got another rep, named Janica (sp?). I explained my frustration. And instead of listening to me, she talked over me, refused to transfer me to a supervisor and kept saying that all the supervisors were taking other calls. I flat out asked her if she was refusing to transfer me and she kept apologizing saying that I needed to call back and speak to another department and they were only open during the week 8 am to 5 pm EST. I work 8 to 5 and by the time I get home, it's 9:30 EST. I don't have time during my busy work day to call and fix a problem that is their error. She was so unhelpful. My husband finally got on the phone and demanded a supervisor. He was on hold for more than 40 minutes before he got someone that is finally trying to fix the problem. I'm so unhappy with their lack of service. Nothing was ever clearly explained when we signed up. They are so quick to take our money but not so quick to fix their problems. I'm planning to change service as soon as I can. They don't do what they advertise and their customer service is extremely poor. I hope that this complaint reaches the highest levels and Vonage realizes that they need to change their service and make it better.

An extremely unhappy customer!

Vanessa Koszyk
N  29th of Aug, 2007 by 
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Vonage - What a nightmare!
United States

I would like to register a complaint against Vonage. I decided to change from AT&T to Vongage what a nightmare this has been:

I call to convert my service requesting to have the same phone number which they replied no problem. The monthly service would have been 24.99 plus tax in which I needed to purchase some equipment so that the system would work. After converting over I was not told that I Needed to have a High speed internet in order for the service to work. I call around and the Internet service that they recommend were extremely high which range from $89.99-$300 a month. I realize at this point I did not need the service, when the internet cost more than the phone service.

So, I never install the special equipment to my phone line (special equipment cost $9.99). I was left with no phone service, I tried several time to call and cancel the service or the switch over I was told that they could not speak with me that they needed to speak with my husband. My reply was you did not need to speak with him while you were converting over, you did not need to speak with him when you charge my credit card and debit from my account which was not in my husband name. So my husband call with me on the line and stated that we needed to contact AT&T to request our original number back and switch over. I place a call to AT&T requesting to switch to their services. Thru their legal service. On August 15, 2007 I receive an e-mail requesting that I make a payment of $34.44, and that they need to debt my account, I refuse to make a payment for the following reason.

1. You which the service that was in my husband name?
2. You charge my account for the Equipment ($10.00)
3. You debt my account for $1.86
4. You refuse to speak with me after I requested to switch back to AT&T
5. I never install the phone equipment to my phone
6. I never use the service (mainly because it was not connect>
7. After 30 days you want to charge me for service with MY credit Card.

I feel that it was false advertisement which they never said that you needed High Internet service in order to be charge $24.99, they never indicated that you need Internet service in order for the phones to work.

I have never use this service after 30 days I still do not have vonage service.

1. You which the service that was in my husband name?
2. You charge my account for the Equipment ($10.00)
3. You debt my account for $1.86
4. You refuse to speak with me after I requested to switch back to AT&T
5. I never install the phone equipment to my phone
6. I never use the service (mainly because it was not connect>
7. After 30 days you want to charge me for service with MY credit Card.

I feel that it was false advertisement which they never said that you needed High Internet service in order to be charge $24.99, they never indicated that you need Internet service in order for the phones to work.

I have never use this service after 30 days I still do not have vonage service.
N  12th of Sep, 2007 by 
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Vonage - Service never worked!
United States

Ordered service they said the the service would be up and running in two to three days. Service never worked. Got the mod. three weeks later. Called on 09/12/07 at 10:15 am was told my wait would be less then 5 mint. Was on hold for about 15. Talk to rep. Jack. told him that I wanted to cancel my service. He kept trying to to avoid canceling my service that I requested. Kept asking the same question over and over. Still would not tell me how to send the mod!
N  20th of Sep, 2007 by 
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Vonage - Phone service will not work
United States

I set a Vonage phone system to have better service and to be able to call long distance without paying outrageous prices. My husband connected according to their instructions. When I made some calls the person on the other end could not hear me clear and sometimes it cut off some words I was saying to the other person. I called their service line to get help and all connections were checked and were connected properly. I stayed on the phone until almost 12mn(3hrs.) trying to figure out the problem. Then on next morning I was on the phone for almost 2hrs. and still the phone does not work,the same problem still continues. This afternoon I called a third time and the assistant tried something again and it did not work. If they do not have it fixed in 24hrs. I am going to disconnect the Vonage system and return it and get my money back.
N  26th of Sep, 2007 by 
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Vonage - Sent incomplete package for system
United States

I have gone around an around with this company. This, for example was not initially the help I was seeking. Since we're hear; in order of complaints, #1 Vonage totally messed up my initial contact by not debiting my account, as I was told, did not have my correct address, even though she repeated it back to me correctly. After waiting 4 days past the date it was promised to be delivered, I placed another cal and was told that the technician had not debited my account, as she said, did not have the correct zip code. #2 After being told I needed to start a new account, which I did, with one exception. As, I was told that my funds had been debited, which did not happen, I was told I would have to pay another deposit. My bank account, by this time was depleted to the point where if I paid this it would overdraw my account thereby causing me a $28.50 service charge which I was not willing to do. After much contemplation I decided I would send a cashier's check via 1 day delivery. Upon telling that night's technician, she assured me that the deposit would not be necessary in the light of what I had already gone through. She also promised next-day delivery and 1 month free service. I was elated and after some urging was given her executive in charge of her area's email address. After sending a message singing the accolades of Vonage, I waited again. The system was not delivered. #3 Back to the phone I went and after further debate about my account with a senior technician I was promised delivery no later than 9/27/07. The order was just delivered but, surprise, the kit was not complete. I don't know where Vonage's people went to school, but where I come from, we use telephone handset to place calls! Evidently, that is not the case with Vonage, as there was not a handset in the package. I have been run in circles once again to justify this error. I no longer have ANY phone system as I cancelled my cell phone account before I went into another billing period.(My mistake!) In conclusion I would like to state, as I did to Vonage, I am in the beginning stage of treatment for liver cancer. No light subject. I insist that this problem is rectified IMMEDIATELY by Vonage or whatever source is available. I fully intend to report them to the Better Business Bureau an am contemplating contacting an attorney. My resources are limited though since I have only SSI benefits to draw on and this was not in my plans for any budget. I f you could rectify this situation, It would be greatly appreciated. Joe McElligott
N  28th of Sep, 2007 by 
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Vonage - Bad, scam advertisement

I received a email from Vonage yesterday.

I have the 39,99$ plan that allows me to call anywhere in Canada and United States. Its supposedly unlimited. I call one precise number in the United States, and its to talk to my boyfriend since we live apart from each other. Vonage was inexpensive, and gave me what I wanted : a connection to him whenever I wanted. I been with Vonage for 2 years now because of their offers and good prices, and I never had any troubles until now.

They now want to upgrade my account to 99,99$, thinking I run a company. This is a residential house, and I use my phone line legally. Most of my calls are at that one number, which is also a residential house. If I am a company, why would I be only calling one person for such a long period of time? Its false advertising in my opinion. They told me I should only be talking for 2-3 hours per day on the phone. If its the case, then why say its unlimited? This is frustrating... They also told me I would need to either calcel my account entirely or upgrade to the 99,99$ fee per month, the price for companies.

Although, there is one thing I do not understand.

I looked up different prices Vonage was offering, and the most expensive one was at 69,99$ for unlimited calls for a company. Right now, they want me to switch to a 99,99$ plan, that only gives me 5000 minutes a month. All I can say is, do not call your phone plan UNLIMITED if you can't talk for an UNLIMITED time. What a scam..

Thank you for reading,
A  27th of Nov, 2007 by 
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Today I have disconnected my service w/ Vontage. From day one until today the service has been TERRIBLE. I've experience dropped calls, constant static, out of range calls in my own home, no dial tone, broken up conversations , echoes, voices in the background and delay in conversation.

I have called and called their customer service, sometimes spending over a hour trying to resolve the situation. Nothing work. I was then told by Customer Service that I lived in an area where this was a problem. Frustrated I resulted to using my cell for most of my calls. Causing my bill to double. It become obvious the savings was not worth the service. I had family and friends who wanted to pay for me to change my service. The service was so bad until my father asked that I would call him the next day when the phone felt better. Everyone made fun of me. Well I finally had enough when I tried to speak with a rep and she could not hear me because of the static.

I've called twice to cancel. The first rep try to offer me an opportunity to speak with a tech and another month free. I told her NO. She continued for another 5 mins. I asked that she cancel immediately. I called back to confirm cancellation, and found out she didn't. I spoke with another rep. She tried again to keep me as a customer. I told her that I have already contracted with another service. I explained that those same wonderful techs could not fix it then and probably could not fix it now.Then she dropped the bomb. Your disconnection fee is $39.00 and $49.00 for the equipment. I told her I would love to return the equipment. She said they can not use it. (figures, I was not able to use it either). So there you have it. They fail to perform to their end of the contract and you still pay for the service. They need to change their name to PIMP or MAFIA.

Be fair warned, all that glitter is not gold. Not even for $24.00 a month.

I am in the process of writing corporate, BBB and Telecommunication commission. No one should have to go through what I have been through.
A  5th of Dec, 2007 by 
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Fortunately for me, I never started the service. I enrolled October 23, 2007...thinking that this may save on the telephone bill. I realized that this would be the same has having my phone service connected to my internet service and cancelled the service on the October 26, 2007.

I spoke to Vontage Returns department and got an address to return their unopenned modem. I tried to mail it from the Post Office and from a UPS store. I was told that I had to have the package picked up from my home or Vontage would simply return it to me.

November 23,2007
I received a billing error message from Vontage stating that they were unable to bill me for some reason. I telephoned them and inquired about a bill for an account that was cancelled.

The Customer Service Rep...upset me to no end...she tried three times to get me to let them send me a modem and try the service for 14.99 per month. NO WAY...just cancel my account.

Today December 5, 2007 I realized that my 44.99 had not been refunded yet. I called Vontage...spoke with Ann...she refused to locate the account because I could not give her verifying information (Vontage telephone # which did not exist) The plan I had ordered...I don't know or care...I offered my address and even my current phone number...No Good) She was able to tell me that I needed to pay my bill. What Bill?...Let me speak with a manager...she was obviously in training.
Ann said " I am the only available person for you to speak to" There are no managers. Good By Ann 45 min

Called back...Amy...need verifying information...my present telephone number is enough for her to see my account information. Your account is active and has not been cancelled. Amy cancel this account this minute...your modem was returned...cancel this account an issue me a credit. Amy cancels the account and actually provides a case number. 30 min Now...Amy please transfer me to someone who can issue a credit. 10 min

Edwardo in billing or accounts management. He is pleasant and is cocerned that I am not happy. I explain the situation to Edwardo. He looks at my account and asks if can put me on hold for two min. I agree. 2 min later he returns...Yes I can see that your account has been cancelled and your equipment returned. I will issue you a credit immediately. May I place you on hold for 2 min. Yes indeed. Edwardo issues the credit in record time, tells me the amount 71.47. The credit should appear within 3-5 days. This is your transaction number. GOD BLESS EDWARDO 10 min

Just for the sake of looking...Edwardo has been proficient. I log into my bank account and see that Ann has charged my account 30.38. I AM LIVID

I call Vontage again...Chris....she goes to her spill...
Chris I am not very happy and have spent more than an hour on the phone with you all today. I am only going to speak with you if you can take the hold off of the 30.38 at my bank...if you are unable to do that...please pass me on to someone who can. She assured me that she could. She put me hold to speak with her manager 5 min. My manager said that the mistake was caught by billing and your 30.38 was credited by EDWARDO. He can't take the hold off because the bank will not allow him to talk to them about my personal account.

I explain that this account is a bill paying account. Every dime is allocated to a specific bill. If something comes through the account and a NSF fee is charged to me...Vontage will receive a bill from me. I too will write BBB and Communications commission...if a NSF appears.

Almost a Happy camper...the saga continues. :(

D  6th of Dec, 2007 by 
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I called to find out if their service was in my area. The woman I talked with said yes. I went ahead and signed up. The vontage phone number is at least 80 + miles from my phone friends that live 12 miles and is a local call. As soon as I found uot , I called to cancel my order and was told that the phone adaptor had been sent. When it arrived, I refused delivery and it got sent back to the sender where it remains today.
The lady I talked with said that she would take care of the matter as soon as the phone adaptor would be sent to New Jersey. Today it still remains at the senders place which is in Breingsville, PA. There has been on effort on vontages patr to receive the unit.
i also have made several calls to cancil my account and noticed that money has been taken out of my visa card for the last two months. After calling last night. I finally got someone to cancel the account at a price of 39.99 for unhooking from vontage, 79.99 fot the phone adaptor, plus two charges of 19.49 and 19.59 dollars. Is seems to me that all the delays they caused me in not dealing with the promblem and all the times I was waitint to talk with a real person and being told that my call was important to them, I exceeded my three month limit for camcellind my account. Actuall, it is two month, but I had to finall get the account closed. What a rip off. When the ad talks about saving 300.00, I never made a call and it cost me $165.06. Be aware that you dont get suckered into it by all the hype that is on tv advortising all the benifites to the customer......It goes to vontage. Once fooled, shame on you. Twice fooled, shame on me. It is no good.
N  11th of Dec, 2007 by 
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Vonage - BAD service!
Los Angeles
United States

N  15th of Dec, 2007 by 
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Vonage - Vonage billed me for international calls which were never made!
New York
New York
United States

I retained Vonage's services in November of 2005. In January I received a copy of Decembers bill. I was charged over $300.00 in phone calls to India. These calls started around midnight on the 25th and ended the night of the 26th. The calls were all one minute long, to the second, and exactly one minute apart, to the second. I complained to Vonage that I did not make these calls and for that matter no human could make such exacting phone calls for such a long period of time. They transferred me from department to department and refused to let me speak to a manager. I issued formal written complaints and they insisted that it did not matter if I made the phone calls or not. Because Vonage will only provide service if you give them a credit card and authorization to bill the card at will, they had my money and refused to give it back. What they did amounts to theft!!
N  21st of Dec, 2007 by 
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Vonage - Rip off!
New Jersey
United States

I am stunned this company is still in business with this practice. They just kept me on the phone for a full hour trying to cancel my accounts. They said they were charging me $39.99 to cancel each line. I only added a 2nd line yesterday because I was told if I kept it for less than one month, it would only cost $.04. They also are charging a $79.99 'recovery' fee, and told me that was for the equipment. I also specifically was told when I signed up that there is no contract. However, if you cancel within a year, they charge you $40, plus whatever this mysterious 'recovery fee' is, which is not even in their terms of service. They say it is for the equipment, and if you return the equipment, they still will charge you for it.

I specifically did not authorize these charges, and any time i would say to cancel my account during this call, they would say you must agree to the $160 worth of charges. When I would say I would not agree to them, they would say they would not close my account then. They also tried to get me to speak to a technical support person and keep the line.

The phone quality was HORRIBLE, and closing the account a total nightmare. I will be doing a charge back for the fees.
N  21st of Dec, 2007 by 
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Vonage Internet Phone - Horrible service!
Vonage Internet Phone
Rhode Island
United States

Could not get the company to cancel my service. Had to change my credit card number. They wouldn't give me my number back. They continued to add up charges and then months later, I was contacted by a collection agency!
A  27th of Dec, 2007 by 
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I have called Vontage on 12/23/07 for the business. The lady told me that I could have high speed internet connection for $12.95 from Earthlink in order to use Vontage’s phone service. I signed for Vantage business because of that cheap internet service. But when I called Earthlink, they told me that there was no such low price internet connection. The lowest price would be $29.99. I called Vontage back to cancel the service for the liar from their company, but I was told that they would charge me $39.99 until they receive the adaptor from me due to my cancellation. Guess what, I have to pay for shipping the adaptor back to them. I have called Vantage five times, and Earthlink once for the lie from the Vontage, and I have to pay for their lies. Is there a company worse than this?!
N  31st of Dec, 2007 by 
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Vonage Digital Phone - Difficult to switch to another carrier!
United States

Vonage service is not great. You can lose your dial tone and not know it. But you wonder why your phone doesn't ring and then you pick it up to find out you've lost your dial tone. You call Vonage support and you have to use your cell phone for about 45 minutes to an hour. The technician tells you what to do, and you have to unplug, reset, and reboot as many times as they want you to. I decided to switch to Time Warner and it took over two months for Vonage to finally release my line.

I am contacting the bank so they will not continue to bill me past my service--which is what I've been told they do. There are other options. I recommend you don't go with Vonage.
N  7th of Jan, 2008 by 
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I was thinking of signing up with Vontage for service. I am glad I found this site; I would call it doing my homework. After reading the following comments, I think I will keep my current services. Sounds like a waste of time, money, and a lot of hassle. I rather pay the money to get what I pay for and have good customer service when addressing any of my issues. My grandmother did say, "you get what you pay for". I also learned--You can have it -> Good but expensive. Cheap, but not good. Quick, but expensive. Long, but cheap.

Thank God for this website and people willing to warn others so other don't fall victim.

Thanks again..No Vontage for me.
A  15th of Jan, 2008 by 
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lousy service, you can't understand them, because they can't speak english. and you get disconnected
A  17th of Jan, 2008 by 
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i was just going to order vontage and i saw this page. i am so glad you are warning people , hello vontage, and goodbye vontage'

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