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South Africa

I upgraded on 1 Aug. Unknown to me, the consult was charging me for a range of items. She should not have done that. On friday my balance was R1, 145 and today its in a arrears at R 2, 455 - the month is not even done yet. I called the call centres (upgrades, aftersales, customer care) and i was told that i have "reached my quota for the month. I am not allowed to call them until 2 September). After Vodacom has put me through hell, made every error in the book and now wants to tarnish my financial rep and take my money, they tell me that i am not allowed to call them. My bill should only be R218.50 pm by the way. Ha! What person with a reasonably sound mind would do an upgrade that costs them R 2, 455. I will do my level best to get out of both my contracts. I do believe i am being treated unfairly and my rights as a consumer have been grossly violated. The staff are misinformed, untrained and they have no clue how to fix everyday problems. I am disgusted and disappointed in you Vodacom.

Aug 23, 2016

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