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Good day

On the 16/09/2016 Vodacom phoned me to say that my contract fee (airtime) will go from R250 to R190 and I will be receiving a free tablet for being with them since 2007 with no additional cost or no new contract. ( i do have the call recorded for further use)

so I received the fee tablet.

October 2016 I realised I am paying an R250 extra and phoned Vodacom to find out what is going on on my account.

They said they will have a look at it. (well nothing happened neither did anyone come back to me)

another premium went off (so by this time Vodacom owes me +-R500)
so I phoned again - I have to speak to different people telling the same story over and over / or the phone call gets cut off while they put me on hold (and they won't even phone back - they do have my details)

every time they say they can see I have phoned before and the issue have been closed (without resolving)

so November I phoned again as my account was in arrears (and another R250 went off my account) and got an sms. (explaining to a few different people over and over again) still no help

I went on holiday December and my phone was suspended on the 21st of December 2016. So I phoned and they said they will have a look - after a few attempts calls got cut off and still no help.

I went to Vodacom shop in Knysna and they help and phone where customer care said my phone will be back on between 4-7hours as they can see there is a sim never been used (as i did not take out a new contract)

after 12hours of waiting and phone still off i phoned again - then they said to me that i have been a cash payer and need to make a payment. I explained that i have been on debit order for 9years - they can't see that and don't have my banking details and can give them and they will sort the debit order - Why must i give out my banking details over the phone ...after being on debit order for 9years??

when i try phoning lines are busy i must phone back later or use self-help

this is sooooo ridiculous as my phone is still suspended i can't seem to get help with customer care

so will vodacom actually pay back the money they owe me or deduct the amount of what i am due and what will happen to the data and airtime i have lost so far and will after paying???????????????????

my problem number is [protected]
Bernadine Perucatti

Jan 09, 2017

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