Vodacomvodacom is the worst ever

Good day,

I took out a Vodacom contact for my mother Beginning of last year and when I got the phone it was faulty and I called Vodacom cellucity on waterfront to let them know and they told me to bring it in. My mother stays in Somerset west so I brought it in the first or second month.

When I went to the sore to pick it up it wasn't back yet or so they said then I went in again and complained that she has no phone she is waiting on her phone and when they had a look the phone was still laying there in the store, it had not been booked in for repairs yet so I only got the phone back easter time so she has to use a old phone in the mean while.

Then I booked the phone in again cause the ear speaker wasn't working. When you call the phone the the persons calling can hear and you could not hear them. Then they checked it and sent it away again and as always she sad to wait on the phone.

Then it's was booked in again and cause one of the return butting on screen did not work and so it went on. I was promised twice that I will get a new phone if it happens again which I did not. I did tell them I don't mind taking out a new contract but I'm not paying for something I cannot use no longer.

Now I am sent a bill from layers saying I need to pay for a phone I don't have and never got to use and when I went into the store no one could help me as usual. The manager was never there when I went in maybe only once but all the other times we was never there and he never got back to me.

Eventually I got hold of the stores manager Of Cellucity Bryan and he was nice enough to get beck to me but still cannot help me cause apparently Vodacom repairs handed me over to the layers.

So now I'm told I'm laying about booking it in so many times and the second time o booked it in there was nothing wrong so I sent them proof of the date on that time that there consultants wrote exactly what was wrong. Of cause they will check to see.

So why am I being lied to?
Why was and am I having to pay for something I never got to use?
When you take out a contract you would get something that works but I did not!!

The manager was never in the store to help me every time I went in the store manager cannot help me yet I took the phone out with them.

Cellucity promise me a new phone or I could take out a new contract for my
Mom but none of that happened.

So this is Vodacom that we trust is going to provide us with good service but no, , , it's all a lie!!!

May 11, 2017

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