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Hope to hear from you, not that it will change anything in my life right now!

For the past 4 days I have been sent from pillar to post between Vodaworld, game and Vodacom customer care line without success. I have signed a contract with Vodacom through game with the intention of keeping my current number, however game informed me 3 days later that they are unable to register the contract because this number once belonged to my husband, otherwise I would have to write a letter to be given authorisation to use the number and this could take up to 30 days . I drove between vodaworld and game like a post man as both consistently gave me contradicting information . Eventually I phoned customer care today 02/02/2017 again my call was transferred to 4 different people, 40 minutes later to be told that the customer care line only support s online sales and direct sales! Quote "Unfortunately we do not support stores mam, you'd have to go back to game and address the issue with them! " unquote. This is despicable service, totally outrageous, nerve racking!

I will be celebrating my birthday tomorrow but thanks to your fantastic service my friends and family can not reach me as the sim card is no longer working.

I'm on the job market with this being my primary contact telephonically and email wise but again thanks to your great competence am unrecheable!

As far as am concerned Vodacom is by far the worse service provider I've had to deal with!

It's further annoying that despite having requested the customer service agent to escalate the issue I was literally told to go away to game where I bought the contract.

THanks for ruining my birthday! You can keep your phones and contract. I will ensure I don't touch or recommend Vodacom to any friends or family. The service sucks!

Should you bother I do have a business line

Feb 02, 2017

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