Vodacom / unacceptable outright pathetic customer service with no solution

United States

My contract is a year old and I have already sent my phone in 4 times twice with software issues and the touch screen. A major inconvenience everytime having no phone for no less than 2 weeks at a time. Paying for a new phone and receiving a refurbished phone everytime with bigger problems than the one before nevermind the hassle of losing all the information every single time.escalated the issue to head office who gives me yet the same solution another blackberry storm to be returned in 2 months once again.unacceptable outright pathetic customer service with no solution!

I am so unhappy and will never take out another blackberry contract again!To top it off after my third repair I got a call from vodacom advising me that if the problem persists another model of blackberry will be provided…so much for all the crap lies this service provider gives to its loyal customers!

I received a SMS informing me that I won a Samsung Galaxy phone, with R315.00 airtime & voucher of R1460.00. I was so excited. Vodacom asked for my physical address in order for the couriers to deliver my phone etc. I gave it to them and informed vodacom that I will only be at the address for a week as I am relocating, and that they could please send it asap. I contacted 082 1950 and the lady told me that I didnt win the phone but a R315 contract. Oh my goodness what a SCAM. I have been a loyal Vodacom Subscriber for a long time and all my family from my suggestion to use Vodacom as their cellphone contractors. How do I regret this. How dare Vodacom do this.


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