Vodacomsim swap

After leaving my phone overseas I came back wanting to do a simple sim swap. this turned out not to be that simple. I went in on sunday the 30th of April 2017 to VOdacom waterstone village and was then told they cannot find my number on the system and I should return on tuesday after the long weekend to resolve the issue. They sent an e-mail to their head office asking for assistance. Returning on tuesday they still could not find my number. They again phoned for assistance but no one could help. I was then told to purchase the new sim and they will sort out my issue as soon as possible and was promised I would hear from them by the next day regarding my issue. Wednesday and thursday came and went and still no answer. I phoned again on friday the 5th to try see what progress has been made and was told they still had no answer for me.

I find this ridiculous. I am paying for their services but yet they seem to have lost my number. the fact that no one is actually helping to resolve this issue I find very unsettling. I have been with vodacome on a contract fro at least the past 5 years and expected much better service from them as I have had good service in the past.

May 05, 2017

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