Vodacomonline upgrade a disaster

On 22 December 2016 I renewed my Vodacom contract on-line and chose the Microsoft Lumia as the upgrade handset. It was delivered in two days, but I was not satisfied with the phone and called Vodacom to Cancel my upgrade and to collect the phone. I was told it will be collected on the 28th of December due to the holidays. On the 15th of January it had still not be collected. After numerous calls and many hours spent with Vodacom Customer Care, RAM finally collected the handset. I could finally change my choice of phone - to a Samsung Galaxy S7. A female consultant told me the cancellation of the Lumia had been cancelled and request for the new choice (Galaxy S7) has been logged. I evenrr received an SMS with an order number, confirming that my Quotation has been processed. Waited for a week and contacted Vodacom again. Only to be told that no cancellation had been received and there was no request for the alternative fee. In the meantime I have been charged for the original Lumia which I had returned on the 23rd of December. This time a male consultant went through the whole process again, assuring me that it is now definitely on their system. On the 25th of January I received an SMS again to confirm that the quotation has been processed and that I can expect the phone between 2 and 3 days. A week later (today - the 1st of Feb I called AGAIN. The consultant told me she can follow the process on the system and the phone will be delivered no later than Tuesday, the 7th of Feb. This whole process is taking over 6 weeks. It is unacceptable

Feb 01, 2017

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