Vodacom / flexi 200: [protected]

South Africa

Good day ! From Mr P.S van deer Berg ID [protected]

I've been a customer for a while now with Vodacom, I have one complain that makes me very un happy with the service !
A certan consultant phoned me on a certan day to explain a spechial they had on a flexi 200, so i told the consultant i alredy have a numer im using i dont need one more but i am willing to get it if i can use the airtime on my current number [protected], and he replied yes sir you can just do a transfer! So now i want to transfer my airtime from [protected] to the current one im using and the other consultants at vodacom tels me the type of contract ive got the flexi 200 it is impossible to transver airtime... i am verry disapointed ! That means the consultant lied to me just to get a sale and i think that is realy greedy of him... please may someone assist me with my problem?

Jun 23, 2017

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