Vodacom / data - high billing - no warning email - b0142197-2

Somerset West, ZA

Good day

I would like to lodge a complaint regarding my cellphone account .

September billing was astronomical and when receiving my October bill to my dismay the billing was also high.

The numbers that we are quering are [protected] and [protected] both with high data usage. With no warning sms was sent when contacting the support 11/11/2016 line the lady advised as follows that these messages where sent

15th Sept 2016
290mb left

17 Sept @7.39
General notice
Data bundle has run out out of bundle data rates will apply

[protected] Peter
11 September
197MB remaining

12/9 @14.03 you have 98MB

12/09 @2 17.47 you data bundle had depleted and out of bundle rates will apply

Neither of the above mention numbers received this sms.

As a long standing account holder i have never experienced such high usage or shocking billing please could you look into this matter as I would like to request a refund on these two number.

I cannot afford this type of service in my business capacity.

Please respond to the following email [protected]

Kind regards
Hayley Kensley
Dealer Support Leader

Dec 05, 2016

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