Vodacom / cellphone & layers

Cape Town Vodacom, South Africa

I am absolutely disgusted in Vodacom and what they are doing. I sent them so many emails and they told me they cannot do much cause it's in layers hands now.

I was also told they can certainly assist with the matter but this morning I received new mail from the layers staying they have just hand me over.

Vodacom wants to credit me for the months my phone was is and the store what's to credit me yet they want me to take back the same broken phone they had almost the whole year.

Also they have handed me over to layers who also just handed me over this morning but Vodacom with a to credits me. Please tell me!!! Am I losing my mind or is this Vodacom service and whole system really messed up.

The branch manager of Vodacom cannot help me he says, only Codacom can but he is the branch manager for Vodacom Cellucity.

Now is the branch manager that is above the manager and he cannot help me and he works for Vodacom and all of this ### happened at his store then tell me who the hell can help me???

Also they Blocked me From posting anything cause they don't want the public to know just how bad they truly are.

Grencher Collins

May 16, 2017

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