Vodacomcellphone account and other services

I have had it now. Firstly I transferred my cellphone account to my name, on around 22 November 2016. They send me a messege to say that it is done and that I could come for a upgrade. I did this on the 24 of November 2016 and payed all my administration fees exc in-store.

I kept my contract as is except for adding a small amount of data and screen insurens. The total amount that was agreed up on for every month was R 417.

They billed the previous contract holder for November 2016 so I transferred money to them for November. Then when end December arrives they bill me R 815.43 that made the debit order not go through because my budget dis not allow that amount for a cellphone. But I called them that same day and asked could they please do tje debit order again that same day while I look into the extra amount. They said they would and I called again to check that my account is fine now.

Then this week I receive messages and emails saying I did not pay and that I now need to pay R 915. I then tried to find out what has happend and then find out there is 2 systems at the moment and on the one system the contract is on my name and on the other on the previous account holders name. Now I do not believe that I am lieable for a R 100 fine if I tried on the same day to pay my debit order again. And what really bothers me most is that I have talked to most of the accounts department and I have been to the shop.

An enquiry has been logged but nothing has been done. I was charged for November although the previous account holder payed it and I had to pay them end November and then January I have to pay it again.

And I am stuck with a fine.

I have payed the R 915.43 but again got an email today that said I now owe Vodacom R3317.46. How is this possible

Jan 17, 2017

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